My Thoughts on the Holy Guardian Angel

The Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) is often seen as the Holy Grail to many occultists. It has become to many the end goal for many magicians who see it as a form of enlightenment. Then there are those who see the HGA as a means to more power. It’s easy to see why people think this. There’s precious little real information written about the subject from people who have actually achieved knowledge and conversation with their Holy Guardian Angel. I’m not sure why this is. I don’t think it’s as rare as people make it seem to be, but those who have achieved this seemingly lofty goal seem to be rather quiet about it. Well enough of that. I have made contact and communicate often with my Holy Guardian Angel and want to set the record straight on a few things.

First, I want to demystify the HGA and talk about what it really is, rather than what people seem to think it is. Imagine you had an angel with you who that you could talk to whenever you wanted. Not because you were so enlightened, but to help you get there. That’s really more what it’s like. My HGA is very life affirming. She loves me, and wants me to be the best me that I can be. When I take the time to actually ask her when I have a big decision she really does help me make the best decision. Or the decision that is going to make me a better person and be the biggest help to others, I should say.

One of the more interesting roles my HGA plays is one of intercessor. She often is the go between with me and other spirits. I mentioned that when I was working with Raziel and she first offered me the Sigils of Dancing Light my first thoughts were about how to monetize them to make some cash. My HGA stepped in and actually withheld those sigils from me until I was ready. On another occasion a powerful spirit was hanging around. I wanted to get to know it better so I went to my HGA and asked if she could introduce us. Instantly that spirit was present and we could communicate easily. I have noticed that almost every spirit I have been in contact with since I started communing with my HGA has treated me like a friend. I’m often amazed at how friendly the spirit world has become. It’s this role as go between that I believe gives rise to the idea of the HGA as empowering your magick.

Before I began practicing what I think of as practical magick I was already over a decade into practicing mysticism. What’s the difference? I bet no two people would give you the same answer. To me magick and mysticism are two sides of the same coin. Magick is for changing the world around you, while mysticism is changing yourself. I know the armchair mystics are probably going to hate this definition, but they can go suck it. People often call mysticism passive while magick is about actively trying to change things. Well if you think mysticism is passive, you’re doing it wrong. It takes effort. It’s work. You set goals, you ask for spirits, or ancestors, or gods, or the universe or whatever to help you make the changes you want in yourself, and then you work together to make those changes happen. But most of the work is internal. You meditate or pray or practice mindfulness. Your learn to breath properly. But mostly you think. You contemplate the universe and the Divine and yourself. Why do I bring all this up? Because one of the most important things I discovered as a mystic was that it sure seemed like the universe loved me even though there was so much horror in the world. It didn’t matter how horrifying the world seemed to be, there was a presence and a voice I could almost hear that seemed to be telling me that I was loved. It turned out that voice was my angel.

Now I’m not saying that the universe is an uncaring machine and it’s just your HGA that makes it seem like there is a loving God. Something created the angel and had her look out for me. What I am saying though is that if you’ve ever thought that God or the universe was speaking to you, it was probably your HGA. I believe this is how we often make our first contact.

I mention that because I’m sure that’s what a lot of you are thinking, how do you make contact? It’s probably very different for everyone. I absolutely believe that it is through mystical, that is inner work, rather than through magickal work. You can’t perform a ritual and evoke your Holy Guardian Angel. Sorry. The most important skill you will need to develop is your ability to listen. You need to start listening to the world around you. You are surrounded by spirits, learn to listen to them. Start talking to the trees and rocks, then lean to be quiet and listen if they respond.

The other factor that I believe is crucial, is truly wanting to be a better person and actively trying to grow and transform your life. If you are just wanting more power, I doubt you’ll get anywhere. If you are content to sit on your butt with no interest in self development, I doubt you’ll get anywhere.

There are other steps, and I’ll talk about them more another time. But you can begin the process now. Start by examining yourself and finding your real motivations behind your actions. Find your flaws. Get to know yourself. Find your wounds, and begin to heal them. And then listen. If your Holy Guardian Angel is the voice of the universe speaking to you, then start to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.

I will write much more on this topic. I will talk more about how to make contact, how to discover your angel’s name, and I will share a practice that I have created to help move things along that doesn’t require you put your hectic life on hold while you go fast in remote retreat. But I also want to answer whatever questions you have. So leave a comment if you have a question. I’ll be sharing this in multiple places, feel free to ask there. I want to get an idea of what kind of information you need.

A large part of my work will be geared towards helping people make contact with and begin working with their Holy Guardian Angel, even if it doesn’t always sound like it. This seems to be a calling that I just can’t resist. So please let me help you.

Continued in part II

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  1. Found this post on GoM’s group of Facebook. This was very insightful! Ever since I was 13, I’ve felt a strong pull to magick. As a kid, it was to better my life and to feel powerful. I’m 28 now and though I’ve had a LOT of reading, and understanding, I feel like I’ve made little progress. Now that I’m older, my motives have changed. I’d be lying if I said that power wasn’t still part of it, but most of my pursuit of magick comes from the desire to become closer to the Creator, learn the wisdom of the universe and teach it to others to hopefully help make the world a better place. A connection to my HGA has been a big dream of mine for awhile. Thank you for reaffirming my hopes! I look forward to seeing your future posts! Thank you, and may you be blessed by the Light.

  2. Thanks for your write up,what you stated in your essay.
    What I want to learn from you,is how I can make conscious contact with my

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