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How would you like to be able to pull the magickal energy from one site and use it in a ritual someplace else? For example, you are traveling and you want to tap into the energy that you have back home. Wouldn’t that be cool? Or how about setting up an entire network of sites that you can draw excess mystical energies and use them to power your rituals? I’m going to teach you how to do that very thing.

To be completely honest, I didn’t come up with this idea. The Chaos Collective DKMU has that honor. The main focus of their group is a war on reality, that is, they are trying to make the world a more magickal place. One of their methods is called glamourbombing. This is usually done by creating a sigil that will go off when someone sees it and make them believe in magick if only or a little while. The problem they found was that each sigil was a one time deal. They had to go back and recharge the sigil every single time it went off, and that was a huge pain in the ass. So one of them had the genius idea to create a linking sigil whose job was to charge the other sigil. This could be done with a copy of that linking sigil. Just charge one copy and it would charge all the others and the they could recharge the sigils.

They began to tag places they felt had the energy they wanted. One of the first places they tagged it was the fantasy section at a bookstore. They wanted the wonder and amazement that people put out there when they were looking at books like Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter. That energy would be added to the growing network of linking sigils.

The Linking Sigil

The group began tagging the Linking Sigil, aka LS or Ellis, wherever they felt strong energy. Everything from ancient sites to the local arcade. They began using it for all sorts of experimental magick. It became very famous and very powerful.

That created a few problems. For one thing there was no oversite. Anyone could use it and do whatever they wanted with it or put whatever they wanted into it. While the user can filter out and use only the type of energy that they wanted to, a lot of inexperienced magickians began complaining about the chaotic nature of the sigil. Another issue was that an entity appeared within the network. She is called Ellis and is probably an egregore created by all the power and attention put into the sigil. She is something of a red headed trickster goddess of Chaos Magick.

While I’ve never had any problems from the original Linking Sigil, I noticed that whenever I talked about it in groups outside of DKMU people were always scared of it. So I had the idea that people or groups could just make their own. I like to test things before I just put them out there, so I created my own and tagged places all over America for a year. I have only wonderful success stories to tell about the experience, so it’s passed time I shared the technique.

The creation is more like creating a servitor than a sigil. What you are actually creating is something like an electrical system. The sigil will act as places where the energy enters or exits, and you must create the storage system. I use the words network to when talking about all the different places you tagging the sigil. And I think of the storage as the current.

The first step then is to create the sigil. It needs to be a unique design, yet simple to draw. You will have to tag this, so you will want something you can draw quickly.

Second, you will want a unique name. You’ll need something to call it. Keep it secret since the whole point of creating your own network is keeping it pure from others influence.

The next step is creating a conception sheet. This is a description of the servitor and all it’s powers, etc. I will provide you a base to work with at the end of this article.

After that you’ll want to charge it and bring it to life like any other servitor.

You will want to immediately start to use it. Start placing the sigil in places that you feel have good energy. I like movie theaters, restaurants with good energy, comic book shops, as well as cool places in nature. I also work in wind energy and leave rocks with my sigil tagged on them around wind farms.

You don’t always have to draw the sigil. You can have stickers printed or etch it into rocks or charms for outdoor use. And when you place the sigil, people do not need to be able to see it. So you can put it under tables or on the bottom of seats.

As you place it, you need to be clear in your intent. Do you want the sigil to draw in energy or put it out. So as you place it, think to yourself something like I want you to pull in power from this place. If you tell it to put power out, it will start sending power you collect from other places out in that area. This will make that place more magickal. So you might want to do this in the room you do most of your magick in or something. Or if you find a place that should just feel magickal but doesn’t. You will want to clearly state when using it for a sigil or ritual that you want it to add it’s power to the ritual. In other words, don’t be mindless in how you use it. It’s pretty simple though, do you want power to go in or out?

You can also use the energy to power servitors. Just put into the conception of the servitor that it can pull power from the network to sustain itself or complete its mission or whatever it is you are making the servitor for and incorporate the sigil into the sigil of the servitor. You could power your own pantheon of little godforms if you put enough effort into tagging and growing your network.

So this is a pretty powerful piece of magickal technology. If you don’t understand a thing I’ve written here, then it’s not for you. If you do understand and it scares you, it’s not for you. But if you’ve understood and are excited about the possibilities and are already mapping out places in your hometown to tag, then this is perfect for you!

Here’s the conception sheet for you to use in creating your own Linking Sigil, which you can customize however you wish:

You are ______, a mystical energy stream. Your purpose is to collect, store, and grant access to mystical energies. _______, your sigil is a linking sigil. This means that the sigil connects to each and every other placement, instance, and application of itself. When the sigil is placed at a location it draws in and collects any unused energies from the area and stores them. These many instances and applications form a power grid. This grid my comprise a multitude of physical, astral, and even conceptual locations, thereby containing a fair amount of mulitcolored and multipurpose energies which may be channeled through the use of the sigil. These various energies in the current can be filtered for specific use by the intent of the magician when using the sigil. The sigil can be used to empower workings, rituals, and sigils with the power from the current. The energies may be channeled directly from the current by use of the sigil. Servitors with the sigil incorporated into their conception will be powered directly from the current. They can use this power to not only sustain themselves, but can draw on it to accomplish their tasks.
_______, you will also be sustained by the energies you collect as well as from my attention and gratitude. _______, you exist in the astral and your sigil is your gateway into the world. _______, you will die instantly, and all your energy will dissipate, if I ever _______. _______, you will always respond when your name is called along with the word _______.”

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Linking Sigil

  1. I have a question: What if you place a sigil somewhere where originally there was good energy (At least to your perception) And then a different energy that is not so good enters the fold, how does that change things?

    1. I don’t tend to look at energy as good or bad. All energy has the potential to be useful. However, I think what you are really asking is can negative energy corrupt your magick, and the answer is no. If you look at the conception sheet you will see that you have control over what type of energy is used. So if bad energy is being collected it won’t automatically show up in your ritual. Unless you want it to.

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