Finding your Holy Guardian Angel’s Name

This is part II of my series on the Holy Guardian Angel, click here for part I

The first step towards reaching communion with your Holy Guardian Angel is to find out it’s name. I want to say right from the beginning that this is not the true name of your angel, but rather a name that captures some aspect of your angel and is more of a working name. I say this because I don’t want you to stress about “getting it right.” Do the work and go with what you get without doing it over and over trying to get it “right.”

There are several different methods for discovering the name. I will share two, Crowley’s method using tarot cards, and the more mystical method that I used. There are others that can easily be found with a Google search. If you are really into astrology, there’s a method that uses your natal chart, but I don’t understand it at all, but if you are really into astrology then by all means check it out.

Aleister Crowley was very into the Holy Guardian Angel. It’s probably because of his writings that many magicians have an elevated view of the HGA, and the contradictions in his writings also feed the continuing debate about what the HGA actually is. However, he did pass on a great method for discovering your angel’s name. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Compose a heartfelt invocation to your Holy Guardian Angel. This is best left to your own devices, as it is highly personal.

2. Perform the invocation you wrote, then shuffle your deck of Tarot cards.

3. Draw three cards. If you get three Major Arcana cards in a row, draw a fourth card. If that’s a Major Arcana, draw a fifth. And so forth.

4. As soon as you get a Minor Arcana card, stop. Examine that card, and meditate on it. Either that card represents what is blocking your connection with the angel, or it is telling you that the base name is shorter than three letters. So, for example, two Majors followed by “Completion” could mean that the name only consists of two letters. But two Majors followed by “Interference” probably indicates that the name is longer and something is getting in the way.

5. Convert the Major Arcana cards to Hebrew letters, using whatever attribution system you prefer. Crowley’s system is built on the Kircher arrangement, but there are many others. Eliphas Levi’s arrangement is also based on Kircher, but with different letter attributions for the Major Arcana.

6. Once you have a name, figure out the gematria. See if you can improve the symbolism by adding AL, IEL, or one of the traditional angel name ending. Use whichever one makes the name work out the best.

The next method is the one that I used. It’s a more mystical approach and so is a little more hit or miss. Before going to bed, ask your HGA to reveal it’s name to you. When you wake up you should have a name in your head. Write it down right away so you don’t forget. Like the first method, you will want to write a personal heartfelt invocation asking for your HGA to reveal it’s name. Perform the invocation before you go to sleep. An alternative method is instead of going to sleep, meditate. You can go out into nature or in your astral temple or your kitchen, whatever feels appropriate to you. There’s no right or wrong. I did this as part of a group and I was the only one to have an angel’s name come to me complete with the iel ending. This leads me to believe it is possible for other guides to give you a name. This method requires good intuition on whether you received a name from your HGA or an ancestor or other spirit guide. Being clear in your invocation will help this.

Now that you have a name, what comes next? Talk to your HGA of course! It doesn’t matter if they answer back, just keep talking. Use the name in your conversation. Write another invocation and do it everyday. Most people’s first real connections happen in dreams, so do your invocation before going to sleep. If you have a problem you want help with, talk to your HGA after performing your invocation, then meditate or go to sleep and see if you receive an answer.

What about the Bornless invocation or the Abramelin? Knock yourself out if you feel drawn to any other method of establishing contact. Just know that there are no guarantees. You can’t conjure your Holy Guardian Angel. You just have to prepare yourself and do your best to be ready. Remember you are looking to establish a relationship with this being, not command it to your service.

In my next post about this topic, I will share a method that my HGA helped me come up with to help people make contact. It’s a much more practical and personal approach then the old ways. Until then I wish you luck on finding your angel’s name!

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