How to Make Contact With Your Holy Guardian Angel

Part III of my series on the Holy Guardian Angel. Click here for Part I and Part II

As I studied several texts about gaining knowledge and conversation with ones Holy Guardian Angel with the intent of trying to find a system that works better with today’s busy lifestyle I discovered that the majority of the texts weren’t using what most of us would think of as magick. They were using long invocations that read more like prayers. Basically you would read these several page long prayers asking God to reveal His angel to you. Usually the bulk of the book was about how you should live while doing these prayers. This aspect of the ritual was mostly concerned with self denial. A way to overcome the ego and teach humility. It all sounded much more monastical than something a normal person could do.  

What about the long invocations themselves? Well I have some experience with long prayers that you read on a daily basis. While I did become familiar with them as time passed, I never fully memorized them. The problem then was that I was tied to the page. I had to have my prayer book with me if I wanted to say those prayers. So unless I carried it around with me all the time, something I never did, I couldn’t say the prayers while I was waiting for an appointment, or downtime at work, or any of the other times that present themselves throughout the day. What I found myself doing in those situations was pulling out my rosary.  

The advantage of the rosary is that it is a series of short prayers that are easy to remember. Since each prayer is repeated several times in the course of saying the rosary, you memorize them pretty quick. The repetition of familiar words quickly becomes a meditation. It is my belief that mediation is actually one of the best forms of self denial and overcoming the ego. In mediating we deny the self it’s most basic foundation, thoughts. 

This is why I believe the best daily practice you can do to contact your Holy Guardian Angel is to perform a daily rosary type series of invocations. I have composed four short invocations for just this purpose. These invocations are not divinely inspired. The great archangel Metatron didn’t come down and whisper them into my ear. They are my creation. Therefore if you don’t like a line, throw it out. If you think something is missing, then go ahead and include something else. If you love the concept, but hate the invocations, please write your own. I only wrote four while the traditional Catholic rosary has several more prayers. So if you feel like you should add a petition to your higher power, then you can write one and include it at the conclusion of each decade, or as perhaps a separate opening as the traditional rosary has several opening prayers. What I am saying is that this system is completely customizable. You should make it your own.  

On that same note, you should probably make your own rosary. You can of course use a traditional rosary with no problem, but there’s always something more special about making your own. You also are not tied to the traditional five decade design. If you feel that you want to make it shorter, than perhaps three decades is plenty for you or maybe even just one. On the other hand, you could decide that you want seven. It’s entirely up to you. You may want to use an angel pendant instead of a cross. Or use the symbol of your religion or higher power. With repeated use, this item is going to become a magickal item, so you should make it something special that represents your relationship with your Holy Guardian Angel. 

 Here are the invocations for the Holy Guardian Angel Rosary:  

(Angel's name) hear me. 
(Angel's name) speak to me. 
(Angel's name) shelter me 
(Angel's name) teach me. 
(Angel's name) guide me. 
(Angel's name) elevate me. 
(Angel's name) shield me from my enemies and all malevolence. Fight with me in all my battles,
but most especially those I fight within myself. 
Large Beads: 
(Angel's name), you form the essence of who I am, and replenish me like nothing else can.
You breathe in my pain, tiredness, and exhaustion, and breathe out the power that rebuilds my spirit.
You are the source that never runs dry. Guide me to the nameless place I've been yearning for,
the place where I finally become who I am meant to be, and fulfill my fate. 
Small Beads: 
Come holy (Angel's name) I open my heart to you, for it is my deep desire to know you as you know me,
and in so doing become who I am meant to be. (Angel's name), I ask that you speak with me.
(Angel's name), I ask that you make yourself known to me. (Angel's name), I ask for your wisdom
and power. 
(Angel's name) teach me today where and how to find you. Where and how to hear you. You have been
with me, watched over me, and protected me all my life, but I do not know you. Teach me to seek you, for
I cannot find you if you do not teach me, if you do not show yourself to me. Let me seek you with my
desire. Let me desire you in my seeking. Let me find you by loving you. Let me love you when I find you. 

I know that a lot of you will probably be disappointed with this method. It lacks sizzle and isn’t the sexiest method. You can spice it up if you want. Light some candles and chant the invocations. The repetition of short invocations will still help you memorize them quicker so you aren’t reading off a page. You can fast and abstain from things all you want. (Talk to a doctor first!) The point of this is that it is versatile and you can make it into whatever you want.

I do suggest performing magick that helps you grow and transform yourself. Showing that you want to improve yourself will encourage contact. You don’t have to give up your money magick, but work in some self improvement stuff too.

The main thing though is your attitude. Why do you want to make contact? Is it to help you be a better person? Or is it because you’ve heard it makes you more powerful? If you are doing it for more power, you are probably going to have a bad time. You should earnestly want to meet your angel for the sake of wanting to meet the angel and working together to improve yourself and your life around you.

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