The Pathworking Ritual

The following is taken from an early draft of Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume I: 72 Angels of the Name. Because of that it talks about angels, however the ritual is the same regardless of what type of entity you are working with. It’s the same for angels, archangels, demons, Olympic spirits, or deities. If a particular entity has a different ritual, or adjustments to this ritual I will specify it. Otherwise, just use this one.  

The ritual itself is very simple. I’m going to start by giving a quick summary and then I’ll go into more detail about each element of the ritual. This way you’ll have a basic understanding right away and then I will hopefully answer any questions you have. In this example we will be trying to contact Sitael.

Before you begin you need to figure out what you want. Don’t do magick just to have a supernatural experience. It won’t work. You need to want something if you are going to summon an angel. So before you begin you need to write a request. The way I do it is to break it down to one present tense statement. Let’s say I’ve been having a lot of bad luck and I want Sitael to protect me from it, I would write, “Sitael, you protect me from adversity.” That’s all you need. No need to explain how Sitael should protect you, leave that to the angel. If you try and define how the magick should work, you severely limit it, and make it much more likely to fail. Why the present tense? There’s some thinking that if you put it in the future tense, then the magick will stay in the future. So if you say, “you will protect me” then that means that your request stays just out of reach. Sitael will eventually protect you, but not today. If that sounds silly to you, then do it your way. Your attitude toward magick has a lot of influence on how it works. If you believe something is necessary, then it is. If you believe that something is ridiculous then it probably won’t work for you. So can you change the whole ritual if you think it’s ridiculous? No, you should probably go find another ritual. You can bend the rules here and there, but this is such a bare bones ritual, you can’t bend it very far before it’s broken. This is one of the few places you have some leeway. Once you have your request written, then you are ready to begin.

You always begin with Raziel. You perform her pathworking and then you say her name. You wait for a moment to see if you get a response. Once you do you ask that she connect you with the angel that you have chosen to work with. Then you do the pathworking for that angel and say its name. Then you will wait a moment to see if you receive a response from that angel. Then you state your request. Wait again, to see if the angel has any questions or needs clarification. If so, speak normally and explain the situation. If not, say thank you and the angel’s name, then thank Raziel. Finish by returning back to the inner cave at the beginning of Raziel’s pathworking. This concludes the ritual, and you can go back to your regular life.

So you always start with Raziel. This isn’t because she is higher ranking than the other angels. The hierarchy or angels doesn’t matter with this form of magick. You begin with Raziel because she is your guide. Magicians have long used her to aid in connecting with other spirits, not only angels. Her role as guide is the cornerstone of this whole system of magick. I have made connections with the angels without Raziel, but the strength and clarity of the connection is always so much stronger with her. So I don’t care how repetitive it gets, always start with Raziel.

You begin with her pathworking. It begins with, “Inside a dark cave.” You would then imagine that you are inside that cave. Don’t worry if it’s the right cave or not. The cave you imagine is perfect. You don’t have to put a lot of detail in it either. It’s dark, you can’t see very much anyway. Just some hard rocks will do. The next step is, “A waterfall at the exit of the cave in the distance.” Now you’ve moved from the deep darkness of the cave to where you can see the light from the way out. And there is a waterfall just outside the exit. You don’t have to imagine how you go there. You can just mentally jump from one image to the next. So you are in the darkness of the cave, and then the next moment you can see the exit in the distance. The next image is, “At the exit the sun shines through the waterfall creating rainbows.” You are now at the exit, just inside the cave. You are still in the dark, but the light is just outside, with only a thin sheet of water falling between you and it. The light shines through that waterfall and as you gaze through it, you see rainbows. Again, there’s no right or wrong here. Let your imagination see it however it wants to. Don’t force anything, just let the images come. You may want to take a moment to appreciate the scene. You don’t have to look for deep symbolism or anything, just look at the picture in your mind. You don’t have to bring it to life if you don’t want to, the image is enough, but you can have a deeper experience if you take the time to see the little rainbows through the falling water and hear the gentle roar of the water as it passes. Finally the last image, “A light filled pine forest.” Again you don’t have to worry about how you got out of the cave. You just go straight to the forest and imagine seeing the light coming down from the sun in the sky and filling the forest with it’s brilliant light. Then while imagining yourself standing in the forest bathed in light, you say, “Raziel.” 

Something may happen right away, or it may be gradual. Don’t force anything. How Raziel appears to you will be different for everyone depending on your gifts and how your mind and spirit interpret her energy. Where I see a playful smirking young woman, you may see an old man with a beard. You may not see anything at all. If you are clairsentient you may only feel her energy or a shift in temperature. Some people have reported hearing music. The most common response has been people feeling her energy. 

If you don’t feel anything or see anything for a moment, you may want to say, “Raziel, hear me.” And begin repeating her name. This isn’t a chant or a mantra. You are calling to a living being. Think of it as calling out to a friend in the next room. Even if you are performing the ritual silently, which if absolutely fine, make your mental voice loud enough that someone on the other end of the forest could hear you. You may want to sing her name. Angels love it when we sing.

Don’t wait longer than five minutes. If you haven’t received a response, you must trust that Raziel is present with you. As long as you followed the right steps to get there, you are in the right place and, make no mistake, she is there. 

On the other hand, if her presence is very strong, don’t panic. Keep your composure. Do not fall to your knees saying, “I’m not worthy.” If you do that, Raziel may well think that you are not worthy and ignore you. Be calm and confident in her presence regardless of how majestic she is. 

I wouldn’t worry about this very much. Most people report a gentle peaceful presence. I usually feel her energy rather strongly, but it’s not overwhelming in the least. If I work with her too much, my brain starts to feel fuzzy as I pick up her vibrations. 

Now you will say, “Guide me to Sitael” or whatever angel you are working with. If it was Vehuiah, you would say, “Guide me to Vehuiah.” In this example, I will use Sitael. You aren’t begging or pleading with Raziel, but neither are you commanding her. A good attitude to have is imagine that you are speaking to an old friend who knows you well and who you never have to explain yourself to them. If you showed up at their house and said, “Guide me to Bob,” they’d know you had business with Bob and wouldn’t ask questions, they’d just start leading you to Bob’s place. That’s a good starting place for your relationship with Raziel. 

Once you have said that, then you go straight into the pathworking for Sitael. It begins, “A sword laying on the ground.” Again, don’t worry about specifics. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Roman gladius, or a Japanese katana. It can be whatever sword you want it to be. The best thing to do is just go with the first image that pops into your head when you read the sentence, even if it seems silly. What does on the ground mean? Do I mean laying in the dirt, or in the grass? Is it on rocks? It doesn’t matter. It’s whatever on the ground means to you. I’m giving you the important information and you are letting your imagination fill in the gaps. “A serpent slithers over the sword.” Just imagine a snake slithering over the sword. It can be a realistic snake or a fanciful serpent who probably never existed. I hope you are beginning to see that you have a lot of room for interpretation with these. Where it needs to be specific I will be specific. Just let your imagination play. “A green field of grass under a blue sky.” Again, don’t worry about the transition. Just let one image fade and let the next one replace it. You don’t have to worry about where the sword or the serpent went. We have left them behind. Only concern yourself with what is before you, this green field and the blue sky. Once you see it clearly, then move on to the next. “A strong and sturdy tower reaches into the sky.” The key part of this image is the strong and sturdy part. Your tower can be of any style, but it needs to solid. This tower isn’t going anywhere, and it is tall enough to reach into the sky. 

Now you call out to Sitael. I will have the phonetic pronunciation of the angels name in it’s description. Don’t worry too much about saying the name exactly right. Your intention is much more important than your pronunciation. Just say the name with confidence with the intention of contacting the angel and you will succeed, even if you butcher the name. I seriously can’t say this strongly enough. Don’t worry about doing things wrong. Just act like you meant to do it and keep going. Fake it ’till you make it. Say the name, and then wait a moment for a response. Usually the angel will respond right away. Again, if they don’t try singing the name or repeating it. 

Whether you have a response or not, you now make your request. But first, take a moment to think about your desire. Try to really feel how much you want it. This doesn’t have to take a long time, and you don’t have to feel strong or deep emotions, just enough to give the angel a taste. Then you can make your request. You speak your request and then again wait for a response. The angel may have a question or need more detail. How will the angel communicate? Again, this will vary person to person. You may hear a voice in your head. Or you may just have a stay thought. You may see a quick image that gives you the impression of a question. Or you may just get the feeling the angel needs more info. You really just need to trust your intuition on this. If your gut is telling you that you need to give more detail about the situation then go ahead and do it. Just speak normally. You don’t need to try and speak in the present tense now. Just talk as you would to a friend.

If your request was specifically for information of some sort, then you will definitely want to pause an see what comes up. You may not get an answer right away, but you should give the angel a chance to speak. The answer may come later in a dream or a through some random event that stands out to you. One time I received an answer when I went and watched a random video someone had posted. It was like the video was speaking straight to me and revealed the exact information that I needed, even though it was just a video of a kid getting lectured by his martial arts coach. The answer can come from anywhere, so pay attention to everything around you.

Once you have finished your request you are ready to close the ritual. The way you do this is by thanking the angel and then Raziel. So in this example, you would just say, “Thank you Sitael. Thank you Raziel.” No need to say why you are thanking them. Just thank them. Then go back inside the dark cave where you started. I have found this is an important step. If you don’t leave the ritual through the cave then the ritual keeps going into your day. I have made this mistake and I feel the angels power and have to go ground myself or something. It’s much easier to just imagine the inside of a dark cave after you say thank you and then go about your day.

After the ritual you want to just get back to normality as fast as you can. Try to put the magick out of your mind. Eat something, play a game on your phone, go exercise, or whatever. And don’t worry about the results. Thinking about the magick too much can sabotage the magick. Why would you do magick for something that you didn’t want enough to think about? Good question. You’re never going to be able to not think about the results. But you can not think about the magick you did to get them. That’s the key. You can still think about the things you can do to get the results. You can even lust for the results. Just forget you did magick for them. And if you do think of the magick, immediately feel grateful as though the angel has already given you want you want. That’s the little trick that will save you. Gratitude. Be grateful and pretend you already have what you want. 

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