The Prosperity Tempest

I want to describe for you a strategy for getting everything you want out of life using magick and weaponizing the power of positive thinking. I know a lot of occultists won’t take this seriously because it’s just not cool enough for them and sounds like New Age hippie stuff, but if you want real results keep reading.

To get the life you want you have to create a storm of magick that will swallow up everything that gets in your way. To do that you have to attack from every angle, and most importantly get your subconscious on your side. You can’t get the life you want if you are sabotaging yourself and your magick. I call this strategy the Prosperity Tempest.

So let’s start with the subconscious. Your subconscious beliefs can be your undoing. Someone dear to me had always felt like she was cursed. Not literally, but she was particularly unlucky and whenever something went wrong she would throw her hands up and say she was cursed! The truth is that even without magick she was cursing herself by implanting that thought. So you can’t go around thinking that you are cursed, that you are unlucky, that things never go your way, because if you do then that will be your reality. Now a little disclaimer here. I’m not a big fan of the Law of Attraction. I think it’s much more a principle than a law. Sometimes bad things do just happen, you don’t attract everything. However you can program your reality to send you bad things if you spend too much time focusing on the bad in your life. So what you have to do is learn to program your reality to send you the things you want instead.

Hypnosis and subliminals are powerful tools that you can use to reprogram your subconscious. I highly recommend that you learn about hypnotherapy and make your own recordings to target specific things that you need help with. Or go to a professional if you can. There are also plenty of resources online and on YouTube.

The next thing you can do is learn what is called “cycling.” This was created by Dr. Bengston in his book “The Energy Cure.” Cycling is only one part of a process he created that he uses as a healing method that works sort of like Reiki, but not really. If you want more information on how to use it for healing then I suggest buying the book. But here we will be looking at just one part of the method and we will be using it for a completely different process.

Basically what you do is imagine a series of images that represent things that you want and you cycle through the images very quickly in your mind. That’s it. But by doing this you are implanting several things you desire into your subconscious in a powerful way. It’s like the nuclear option of vision boards.

It can take awhile to learn how to do this, and that’s fine because it’s totally worth the effort. So here’s what you need to do. Set aside an evening. Yes, it’s going to take longer than you think. It is surprisingly hard to think of that many things that you desire. Then write down 10 to 20 things that you want. They can be anything from material things like a computer or a car, or they can be goals like winning a prize or getting a promotion. It can even be magical or spiritual things like psychic abilities or astral projection. One important thing to remember is that this is your list. No one else will ever see it. So be as greedy as you want. Too many people are self-conscience about their own desires. You want what you want, and that’s ok. This is the place to be selfish.

Once you have your list then use Google images to find pictures that represent the things you want. If you want something that’s abstract, just find something that represents what you desire in some visual way. It’s important. Make sure to save your images. After you’ve found them all you want to spend around 5 minutes looking at each one. You want to memorize them all. Plus you are really letting them sink into your mind.

The next step is to begin to practice cycling the images. Now that you have them memorized, picture each one in your mind for a couple of seconds. Try to go through all of the images. They don’t have to be in a particular order, the more random the better. Double check that you aren’t forgetting any. Once you are confidant that you can picture each image for a couple of seconds then speed it up to just spending one second on each image before moving on to the next. Then half a second. Continue to speed up until they become a blur. Practice speeding up and slowing down. Practice stopping when they are a blur to see which one you are on. Once you can do this be sure to do it a couple of times a day. It works best when you do it several times throughout your day whenever you get a chance. It doesn’t have to be for very long. Just a minute or so to steadily reinforce your subconscious.

An important note: when you get one of the things you take it out of the list and replace it with something else. If you leave it in, it might trigger fears of loosing what you have which will of course sabotage the whole thing. Keep your list up to date!

I know that sounds complicated, but it really isn’t that hard if you just sit down and do it. I know you are busy, but it will more than pay off, I promise.

Now on to the next part of the strategy. The next step is what I think of as general magick. Most things we want can easily fit into big categories like money, sex, power, or love. You can go even more vague and just say prosperity or abundance. You know what you want, just think of a big broad strokes way of putting it. Then start doing rituals for this. If you want money, this is where you might do a month long working with Mammon, or whoever, for money to come to you and through you. You can even cycle through different entities, spending a month on each one. Whatever works for you. Just keep it general and don’t get very specific. If you want love, don’t try and name a particular person. Just ask for love. If you want money, don’t tell the spirits how you want the money to manifest, like through a promotion or winnings. Just ask for money. This type of magick is there to bring you what you want in ways that you would never think to ask, as well as reinforce the more specific rituals that we will be talking about next.

Now for the nitty gritty. Here’s where you start doing rituals for absolutely everything you want. You’ve already got a list so that’s a good place to start. If you have situations like a job interview then do rituals to get the job, but also rituals to make you more likable and charismatic. Do something to make the interviewer like you. Maybe even do a ritual to make sure you get there on time. I’m serious, you need to hit it from every angle. Don’t worry about overlap, if something cancels something else out, you’ll still get one of them!

Let’s talk a little about targeting. Usually I say you want to try and nudge things into place. What this strategy is doing is nudge a lot of things into place to make the big things fall where you want them to. More specifically you want to target the things that you think could go either way. Definitely do a ritual for those things. If something is likely to already happen, it isn’t as important to do a ritual for that, but you still can. For things that aren’t likely, you need to try and find ways to hit it from multiple angles. Thing of each ritual adding a 10% chance to the odds. You can’t double up on the exact same thing, but like I did with the job interview you can hit several different aspects of the situation to help things go right.

It may sound like a lot of magick, and it is. That’s why I liken it to a storm. You are a magician like Shakespeare’s Prospero raising a tempest, only this is a tempest of prosperity! It can be hard work raising a storm, but it will be worth it once you are living the life you want. And we are very lucky to live in the times that we do, where so much magical material is being put out all the time. We now have the resources to work powerful magick quickly and easily. So break out those books and go through all the different powers that sound like something that will work for you. Make note of them, make lists. See how it all fits with your strategy. If you want something that isn’t in any book, make a sigil for it. There’s no excuse. Go make great things happen!

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