Pre-Ritual Routine

Someone recently asked if I do the Middle Pillar before doing any rituals. The truth is I do not. I don’t even know how the Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram works. The Golden Dawn type stuff just isn’t my style. The truth is my routine is sort of a hodgepodge of different things that I have picked up over the years. But it works great for me. So here’s my little pre-ritual routine.

I start with energy work. I begin with my fingers and toes pulling the energy in and out. I don’t visualize anything, as I’ve mentioned I’m clairsentient and I feel things more than see them so I imagine the the feeling. Imagine your fingers are hollow and you are inserting a pipe cleaner in and out. I start with my fingers and toes and then legs and arms. Then I do the same thing with my spine up to the top of my skull. Just imagining the feeling of the energy moving. Do it enough and you don’t have to imagine.

Then I open up my energy centers or chakras. I take a moment for each one and them spinning clockwise. I start at the base and move up. I’ve done this so much it doesn’t take very long with any one of them. I do tend to spend a little more time on the third eye because I usually work in vision, what some would call astrally. After opening up the chakras I take a few moments and just move energy around for awhile.

If I’m feeling like adding a little more umph, I will start to pull in energy from my surroundings. Not from anything living or anything like that, just the ambient energy in the air. Here’s where I’ll add a little visualization. As I’m pulling in the energy from around me, I’ll imagine it forming a golden sphere in my core. Think of this a the backup storage of energy.

Now it’s time to seal myself off so nothing can steal my energy. This happens a lot when I go out in public. So I imagine I have long feelers all over my body. Then I imagine that I’m retracting them. I imagine there are three lengths so they come in in three waves. Once the last wave are fully retracted I imagine an energetic seal forming around me. After that, I’m safe from energy vampires and the like.

Then I’ll meditate. I learned to meditate with a mantra so that’s what I still do. After just a minute or so I get pretty blissed out. If I’m doing my regular meditation I would do this for 20 or 30 minutes, but before a ritual I’ll usually just do it for a couple of minutes. Nothing too serious. The blissed out feeling is usually a good sign that everything is working and I’m ready to go.

I know it sounds like a lot, but none of it takes very long and I’m usually done in 5 minutes. But that’s about it. Nothing fancy.

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