Tzadkiel Update in New Book

Several of Tzadkiel’s powers strangely vanished from the final version of the new book Archangel Pathworkings. I have updated the book, however changes can be slow to update so some of you may receive books without these powers listed. The Kindle versions will update themselves in a few days. Just know that Tzadkiel has the following powers in addition to what is already listed in the book.

Helps with abundance and material gain.

Helps in legal affairs.

Will help you grow your business.

Creates luck for gambling.

This is deeply embarrassing, and I apologize.

One thought on “Tzadkiel Update in New Book

  1. No worries! Great book, and those are freaking awesome new powers! I have read many books, your book has changed my life. I didn’t know pathworking was so attainable. You made many pieces fall into place for me. My kindle will update and anyone with the book can write it in.

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