A Shadow Servitor to Protect from Covid-19 and Other Illnesses

This is Iymbryl Heithana. She is a Shadow, a servitor empowered by the Shadow Current which I created. She appears as a beautiful weeping woman with blond braids, with a headdress and flowers on her head, and an ornate gown. She has mystical symbols going down the right side of her face. She was created to love and help people by protecting them from becoming ill, especially from the Covid-19 virus and any mutations or strains that may develop from it. She can also help people heal and recover quickly. She does this by helping the reality form where those who call on her do not get sick, rather than by channeling healing energies etc. 

How to work with her:

I have created multiple ways for you to work with Iymbryl Heithana.

The most simple is to call on her using her name ‘Iymbryl Heithana’ pronounced (ee-EM-brill hey-THAWN-ah) three times and the command word, ‘Drahvok’ pronounced ( DRAW-vok)

The first time you work with her you may want to speak the words while looking at her image and sigil above. 

Once you have called her you may or may not sense her presence, but if you have used her name and command word trust she is there and make your request. You can tell her to protect you and other named people. If you are asking for her to protect others it may help to take a moment to think of the person as you name them. 

Repeating the ritual is fine. If you want to do it once a day, once a week, or however, you choose the schedule. 

If you want to incorporate her into another ritual or create a new ritual just to work with her simply include her name, and the command word. The image and sigil will help, but are not necessary. 

There is also a pathworking for her for those who prefer that method. She is a Shadow so her pathworking is in the Shadowlands where everything is grey and dark. So the pathworking should be imagined as though you are seeing it in a black and white movie. You do not need to call on any other spirit to guide you to her. Simply imagine the first image. Then the second. Then the third. Hold the third and call her name until she appears, then talk to her normally. Here is her pathworking:

A dark forest of shadows.

A wall, with a wrought iron gate.

Inside the gate is a garden full of beautiful flowers.

If for any reason you need to banish her, say her name and the banishing word ‘Karis’ (pronounced like the word ‘care’ and ‘is’ together) three times out loud. This is a permanent banishing and cannot be undone. She will leave you and never return. 

Obviously I can’t guarantee it will work, but I hope it helps all of you.

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