Spirit Initiations as Attunements

I have been hard at work on a form of magick that isn’t totally new, because nothing is, but I think I’ve approached it in a way that is, let’s say, less popular but potentially very powerful. I am getting what is commonly known as attunements from a variety of different spirits. The attunements are very real changes to my energy system that allow me to call on the energy of the spirit directly, channel it through the different channels in my energy system, and send it out my hands where it completely obeys my intention. I can manipulate it through visualizations to accomplish all sorts of different tasks directly. My friend Arnaud called it “Direct Magick.”

Let me tell you how I got here. A couple of years ago I got my first Reiki attunement. The lady I got it from was really into dragons and kept telling stories about her different experiences with dragons and kept trying to get me to get a dragon attunement. She also was really into another kind of energy called Ashati. So I started doing research and discovered that people can give attunements from a distance, and there are people who sell them online. I found that there are literally hundreds of different kinds of energy attunements that people have channeled.

It started with Reiki. If you are interested in this I recommend you do more research as I am only going to gloss over this, which I’m sure will piss off the purists. Actually this whole post will piss off the purists. The founder of Reiki was a Japanese man who had a wonderful mystical experience and channeled the 3 levels of Reiki and it’s original symbols. He used this for healing, as it is primarily a healing energy, though it is very versatile and can do more than most other energies. He also found he could pass it on to others. We call this process attuning, as you are basically altering someone so they can tune in to the energy. Later others channeled their own energies. One man escaped from the tour and hid inside the Great Pyramid overnight and while there channeled Seichem, another unique energy. There’s also Golden Dragon, Karuna Ki, Imara, and others that all work on different levels of spirit.

Then something happened around 2012. People say there was a great energetic shift. A Frenchman channeled Ashati/Ascension and Alsemia, a complex system of energies that restructures your energy system, chakras, energy bodies, and even opens up new chakras. (He also claims you can end your reincarnation cycle with level 4 of Ascension. It’s powerful stuff.) Other people started channeling more and more of these energies. Most were simply using Reiki or Seichem to connect with different spirits. There are Reiki attunements with angels, archangels, good faeries, and good dragons. In fact it’s almost a rule that they don’t work with anything “dark.”

You see many, not all, but many of the people who are really into this type of work call themselves Lightworkers. It’s actually a good name since for the most part they channel Reiki and other healing energies and work to heal others. However, they tend to shun the “darker” aspects of the occult such as demons.

So I got my first attunement with Reiki and then I started getting more and more attunements. You could say I actually developed an addiction! Within that time frame I made my discovery with Raziel and pathworkings. Because I wanted to share this amazing technique with people I was getting pathworkings with all sorts of different spirits. I was working with lots of different spirits, and a part of the testing of the pathworkings I would make my own requests. I noticed that when I asked for inner work of any sort I would get a feeling very similar to an attunement, which you remember I was really into.

The eureka moment came when I was working with the Angels of Omnipotence from “The 6th and 7th Books of Moses.” They were popularized in books like “New Avatar Power” and “Wealth Magick.” So I got the pathworkings with them, but I had also read about an initiation. So I asked about it and the way it works is you call on all the named Angels of Omnipotence to call a Nineth. He told me to go to each of the others and ask for an initiation and a gift. I did and each initiation was absolutely an attunement. I could feel the energy enter my crown and go down my central column hitting all the energy centers all the way down. The final initiation with the Nineth was very strong.

So initiations are attunements. Not all initiations obviously. There are several kinds. So I’m not talking about the kind of initiation into an order, (though perhaps those are attunements and I just don’t know it.)

Seraphic Transport Docking on the Third Eye by Alex Grey

Also many occultists out there have probably noticed from the description of Reiki and the other energies, that this originated in Japan where the most popular model for magick is the Energy Model. In traditional Western Esotericism we mainly use the Spirit Model. What I have always believed and now know to be true is that these are the same. The energies are spirits and spirits are energies. So while you can work with a spirit through ritual, you can also work with it’s energy directly, just like Reiki and the rest.

So I began to tinker with it. I worked with my Holy Guardian Angel, who has been an essential guide in this work as she actually does a lot of the talking to other spirits, to develop a ritual to get an attunement from whatever spirit I wanted. I started with the 72 Shem angels from my first book. I just started at the first one and started getting attunements from each in order, one a day. I think I stopped after about two weeks. I realized I was just collecting attunements and not using them to do anything with. At most I was using to sort of mediate and commune with their energy. I had so many attunements I couldn’t begin to remember what all their powers were much less practice enough to make them work. At the time it seemed like a novelty and I moved on to other work.

It was also during this time that I got really into the Divine White Light YouTube videos. These are videos that channel Reiki through the video. All you have to do is press play and the energy flows. This works because the energy obeys your intention. You can have any number of things channel Reiki. Crystals are most popular of course. I remember seeing a painter that infused Reiki into his paintings, and though I can’t remember his name, the concept really stuck with me because at heart I’m an artist first. I was making YouTube videos myself and thought it would be a good idea to channel the spirit’s energy through the video to enhance the experience.

To be honest I was also looking for a way to monetize this. I love delving into the mysteries of magick and sharing with people, but time is unfortunetly money in this crappy system we are in, so I need to make that time at least a little profitable. So I thought I could create my own system like Reiki or Seichem and then add little attunements for each spirit. This was basically the way others have done it and I was just going to copy them. Then came Lucifer.

As I said above, Lightworkers don’t work with demons. Some say some pretty bad stuff about people who do. Some very snobby people in that community will say that just working with demons once taints you and your energy forever. Plus there’s just the fear of demons. Well I’ve worked with demons a lot. I have my own, possibly controversial opinions of demons and what they really are. Without getting into too much of a tangent, I believe most demons are earth spirits, specifically underworld spirits. They are not fallen angels, and therefore not unnatural or evil. They may be weird, mischievious, fierce, and even perverted (I’m looking at you Asmodae!) But they aren’t evil. There are faeries, dragons, and deities that are just as weird that Lightworkers will work with, and have done safely for a long time. So I decided working with demons was worth experimenting with. I decided to start with Lucifer.

I was working on this when my occult friend Arnaud asked me to test an invocation with Lucifer that he had received from Lucifer himself. I usually have trouble with Lucifer, but that’s another story altogether. But for whatever reason I didn’t hesitate, I did it right then. And with Lucifer I created a whole new energy system that I was so excited about. But the more I worked with it after that the more I felt like it was useless. It didn’t really do anything except open up people’s energy channels so the attunements with different spirits wouldn’t be so drastic. But it would still be harsh for new people, so like I said, useless. I had let my desire for money outweigh the practicality of the system. But working with Lucifer had opened my eyes to the very real possibilities of working with spirits in this way. That it had way more potential than just basking in their energy and getting blissed out.

Then came the plague and the lock-down. I wanted to take advantage of some of the great deals people were giving during the quarantine, but since I wasn’t working I didn’t want to spend any of our savings since none of us knew how long this would last. So I thought about that guy who did the paintings with Reiki. I could make like alter cards for different spirits and put their energy them. I asked if anyone would be interested and in doing so had to explain about the energy and the attunements. People got really excited. So I went to find some art supplies and everything was closed and shipping was going to take too long. So scrap that idea. But some people had expressed interest in the attunements. I made another post and asked if anyone would be interested. One lady, a woman I had the great honor of meeting in Iowa, was interested and asked me to help her pick a spirit. I got out my Quareia deck because it’s more specific than other tarot decks. I got the Fate Giver. I asked her what spirit she believed was her Fate Giver and she said she makes her own fate. So obviously the answer was Lucifer. These things just don’t happen.

So pretty quickly I had more than enough orders to afford what I was raising money for and I stopped taking orders. I had requests for 11 spirits. I started with Lucifer, approached him in pathworking from “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” and did the ritual. He gave me the attunement and a lot of encouragement. Yes, I already had attunements with him, but I wanted this to be fresh and new and untainted with my desire for it to be something. I simply asked for the ability to channel them and their energy, all of their powers, and be able to pass it on to others. I wasn’t trying to craft the attunement into something specific. I wanted it to be open-ended allowing for people to be able to use it how they wanted to use it. With access to everything the spirit was capable of, not just what I decided they could do. The downside of this was that I couldn’t tell people what powers the attunement would give them. It depended on building a relationship and practicing with it. On people making discoveries out of their own desires.

I spent 3 days getting 3 levels of attunements from 11 spirits. It was too much. My energy system and brain felt fried by the end of it. I’ll never get that many at once again, and if anyone tries to follow my path here, I strongly advise you to never get that many at once.

I gave the attunements and giving attunements isn’t as intense as receiving them, but it’s still a lot of energy going through you over and over. But it left me exposed to the energy of each spirit for long amounts of time. It was a wonderful experience. As a clarisentient I was really suffering during the lockdown. All the fear, anxiety, and tension in the air was oppressive. Working with these spirits and these attunements really worked wonders for me during that time.

And full disclosure, it was profitable. I repeated the offer again a couple of weeks later and made even more money. Since we were out of work it was a real life saver. It paid the bills, even the unexpected ones. For that I want to thank everyone who took a chance with something very new, you are all my heros. You let me continue to do what I love most, which is play with magick and share my discoveries with you. (The Nitika Initiation was remarkably effective for me too!)

The story isn’t finish though. A couple of people asked me what the name of this was. I was calling it an initiation, but what were they being initiated into. I knew a little about magical currents and that seemed the way to go. You see every tradition of magick is a current. When a group of people start doing magick a certain way it creates it’s own current. Most of the time people name the tradition, like Wicca or Chaos Magick. But you could just as easily call them the Wiccan Current, or the Chaos Current. Some currents are given a numerical name. Crowley did this as did the DKMU collective. So I figured this was my current. I felt my last name, Tempest, was fitting. It’s a storm by which you will master the storm. So I got the numeric value of Tempest and used that as the name, 151. There are other attunements with Metatron and the archangels that may be completely wonderful, but this is the 151 Initiation. It’s good to be specific. (It was pointed out to me after the fact that there were originally 151 Pokemon to catch, which may explain some people’s need to try and catch them all!)

And so because of issues with PayPal and record keeping, I have opened an Etsy Shop called OccultAwakening to continue to pass these initiations on. If it goes well I will probably open my own store down the line. I will add to the list of spirits as well. Someone asked what spirits I planned on adding, and I realized that I don’t really plan these things, I add them as needed organically and intuitively. I’m being very honest on this post, so I will continue to be so and say I am horrible about keeping all of my things updated. You will probably find it best to just check the store periodically instead of waiting for me to give an update.

If you are interested in more information I created a group for people who have received these initiations. The Occult Awakening Study Group. You can read all the posts, and all of the manuals are located in the File Section, so you can download them and get a better understanding of what they are and how to use them.

I hope this post hasn’t just helped you understand the 151 Initiations, I hope it inspires you to go make your own discoveries, help an existing system evolve, or find a way to introduce something old to a new group who may really need it. Magick is awesome, and the more of it in the world the better.

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