How to Use my Initiations/Attunements

I receive a lot of questions about how to use my Initiations/Attunements. I’ve been struggling to fully explain these initiations, so this post will hopefully clear up some of the misunderstandings.

The theory is that every spirit is a particular flow of energy. Once you receive an initiation you can channel that flow of energy through your body. It enters the crown of your head and flows down and out your hands. It then obeys your intentions completely. This is superior to the way magick typically works where you summon a spirit and ask or command it to do your will. I think of it as “direct magick” since you are manipulating the energy directly as opposed to indirectly when you are asking the spirit to do what you want. Once you have received your initiation you no long need to ask or command. You only need to direct the energy. It becomes an extension of you. It can move through space and time at will.

The problem people seem to be having is understanding what to do with it at that point. First, it’s important to have an idea what that particular flow of energy is good at. I’ll use Sitri as an example. Sitri’s energy is good for working with lust. So knowing that you can then begin to figure out how to use it. If you wanted everyone around you to feel lust for you then you can surround yourself in an aura of lust. You would just activate the energy by saying Sitri’s name a few times and send the energy out to form an aura of lust around you. If you instead wanted to fill a specific person with lust for you, you would send the energy out to that person. You would first visualize them in your mind. Then activate the energy by repeating Sitri’s name. Finally you would send the energy out to the person. You could do this by imagining tendrils of energy wrapping them up and going into their brain or other parts. Imagine the energy flowing into them and filling them with lust. You could do the same thing in person. Say you see a guy in a club you just gotta have. Activate the energy and imagine it going and wrapping him up in tendrils of lust that plunge inside him and pump him full of lust.

I’ll use another spirit as an example of a completely different way of working. Say you want to enhance your psychic abilities with Lucifer. I often tell people they can use Lucifer for almost anything, so here’s an example of that. So what would increasing psychic abilities look like to you? To my it would be like electricity in the brain opening up new areas. I know that’s not how psychic powers really work, but Hollywood has had it’s impact on me. So I would activate Lucifer’s energy, again by repeating his name. Once the energy begins to flow I’d put my hands on my head and imagine the energy shooting out like lightning into my brain, opening me up to new psychic powers. You could also imagine your whole body being consumed by the energy so that you crackle with it and say, “I am profoundly clairvoyant,” over and over. Both methods would work. (Psychic abilities are subtle and slow to develop, you’d want to repeat this often to see results. But it would only take a couple of minutes so it’s no great sacrifice.)

That’s how you could use the power to effect others, and area around you, or yourself. But what about getting you want you desire? How do you get money or a new job? Let’s start with the job. First you would want to create what is called a chi ball. Activate the energy and start to form a ball with it in your hands. It doesn’t matter if you can feel anything or not, just pretend you are making a snowball out of the energy. Once you kind of have it formed just keep them apart and imagine the energy filling the ball with more and more power. Then imagine getting that job. You may want to find an image that represents that before you start. So think of that image and the joy you would feel getting the job. Then imagine that image and feeling going into that ball. After a couple of minutes you will feel the energy stop flowing. At that point send the energy ball out into the world. You can repeat this, each time it just feeds it more and more energy.

This is a good example of how to make a chi ball

You could use the same method to bring you some money. Just put an image of money in the ball along with the feeling you’d have when you receive it.

Once you’ve sent a chi ball out for receiving your job, you can repeat the process for every step on the way. Do one for getting an interview. Once in the interview you might use Dantalion’s power to influence the interviewer. Activate the power and send tendrils of energy out and put the idea that you are the best fit for the job in their head.

Are you beginning to see the potential here?

If you are more traditional you can use the energy to enhance rituals. Say you work with Lucifer on a regular basis. You could charge all of your ritual tools with his energy. Just hold it in your hand as you activate the energy and let it flow into the object. You can do this with everything from crystals to candles. Do you use a pendulum with a particular spirit? Fill it up with their energy. You would still do the ritual exactly the same way, but now all of your equipment is fully filled with their energy.

One of my favorite things to do though is to just mediate with the energy. Repeat the spirit’s name to activate the power and then just use it as a mantra. Just bask in the energy. You’ll be surprised how many ideas just pop into your head. I believe these come from the spirit’s themselves. You can be more overt about this if you want to really communicate with the spirit. Just ask a question and then pay attention to your first thoughts. The thoughts that immediately pop into your head as you ask the question. These are most likely from the spirit. You can do this with prepared questions and then quickly write the answers.

Take this to the next level and activate the energy and imagine it flowing back inside you filling you with the spirit’s being. Then let it speak through you. Start with those first thoughts I mentioned and let it go. It might be nonsense the first couple of sentences, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it and the spirit’s wisdom will just flow out of you.

The most important thing to remember is that the energy obeys your intention. That means it does what you want it to do. You can’t mess it up as long as you completely understand what you want. So all you need to make this work for you is to receive the initiation from me and then understand what you want to do with it. Once you understand what you want, imagine a way to use the energy to get it. Then activate the energy and imagine it doing exactly what you want. That’s it. The only limit is your imagination.

So I hope this helps you understand how to use the initiations. This is so revolutionary, it would be a shame if you didn’t use it because you never understood the potential.

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