Growth and Changes in the 151 Current Over the Next Few Months

Things are moving fast and I wanted to write a little update on what all is going on. I had no idea when I wanted to raise a little money by selling attunements that I would be starting a whole business. I never dreamed they would be so popular. As such I wasn’t really set up with things ready to go and sometimes it seems like I’m playing catchup or treading water at best. I’m absolutely not complaining! This has been an amazing few months and I’m happier now with my life than I think I’ve ever been. That’s all because of you guys, and I love you all for it. But we’ve got some growing pains, so to get there we’re going I’ll be making some changes across the board to make things more efficient. I want to help all of you make the same happen in your lives. More than anything else, I’m discovering that’s what the 151 Current is all about; helping people take control of their themselves, and discover their own power which they can use to forge their lives into whatever they want. This is the focus of my books, initiations, and all the stuff I have in the works.

I am continuing to add new initiations to the store every week. I have added a Request Custom button for anyone who has a spirit they would like me create an attunement with. It takes a week or two, costs $60, and will be made available for everyone in the store the next week for the usual price of $30. I also have to approve the spirit. I work mostly with the typical spirits magicians work with, angels and demons and a few deities. I’ve also worked with some of the spirit’s in E. A. Koetting’s books as people have shown a lot of interest in those. I have not worked with Djinn yet, so I’m not comfortable with them. I also will not be getting attunements with deities from pantheons and cultures I’m not familiar with. But if they are in the Modern Grimoires like Gallery of Magick, Power of Magick, etc there shouldn’t be a problem. Just send me a message with the Request Custom button on the left side of the screen on Etsy. It’s not on the mobile, so you have to use a desktop or laptop.

For those of you who have had issues with the having trouble with the concepts of energy work and the manuals that come with the initiations, I am writing new manuals for the upcoming Omnipotence attunements, and am definitely taking everything you are saying into account. Once those manuals are finished I will of course post them in the Occult Awakening Study Group as always so everyone can read them ahead of time.

I am also in the process of setting up my own online store. I will be moving the store from Etsy or at least duplicating it. (Etsy does bring in some new customers so I might have it in two places, but I haven’t decided and don’t even know if it’s allowed.) When the new store is up I will have more articles explaining different aspects of the initiations and empowerments. As part of the move, I may also update all of the manuals with what I’ve written for the Omnipotence attunements and what we have all learned these past few months.

Omnipotence will be attunements with the Angels of Omnipotence. These are powerful angels with the power to bring massive change and many people, myself included, have used them to totally transform our lives. The downside is they are known to being people commonly call “disruptions.” These are from several different causes the obvious being they are bringing massive change and all change has a domino effect, and massive change has a much bigger domino effect. Nothing can change that. However, these sprits are known to cause inner turmoil as well, things like depression and feelings of not being worthy. Well these attunements fix all that. By working with their energy and not their personality you side step a lot of the negative effects. (A lot of the problems come from the wording of specific rituals that do exactly what they promise, but I don’t think most people really mean what someone else prewrote. I don’t think most people are really ready to devote their lives to creating wealth or they misunderstand what is meant by wealth, so the angel “punishes” them for not keeping up their end of the bargain.) Also, I have found these angels work best when they are worked with together rather than alone, so this is why I am combining all the attunements into one. There are nine Angels of Omnipotence and the attunement will come in three separate levels. Level one will cost $50, level two will be $70, and level three will be $100. This $50 cheaper than all nine attunements would cost. Each will also come with guided mediations to help you get started using the energy for manifestation and stuff like working with the Akashic Library.

I will be moving in the next month or two. Once we are settled I will start a real YouTube show. At that point I also plan on shooting a beginners course for these attunements. I will also be creating more guided mediations with the different spirits to help you all grow closer to them and achieve your goals. Some will be free on the YouTube channel and some will be sold in the store. I plan on continuing what I’ve been doing of making guided mediations that mix hypnosis and pathworking. The videos will be attuned to the energy of the spirit and so the energy will flow to anyone who listens. I’m thinking of using music magick with “shamanic” drumbeats and songs with my medicine flute (the only thing I really use from my Native heritage) that calls to the specific spirit, and perhaps include background chanting with the demonic enn of the spirit. Anything to boost the connection and make the experience as potent as possible. These hypno-alchemy tracks (working title for now because guided mediation doesn’t cut it and guided pathworking hypnosis is a mouthful) will be aimed mostly at inner work as that is the strength of hypnosis.

I also have a new book on the way that will be out in time for Christmas. It was going to be “Demonic Pathworkings” but something else has come up and sort of demanded immediate attention. Spirits can be like that! So this one will be a surprise book that will be more like the Gallery of Magick style than anything I’ve done before. It will use sigils to access particular powers along with pathworkings for you to go directly to these spirits yourself. I’m keeping quiet about the particular spirits at this time. I am putting the sigils up on my Patreon so if you can’t wait, you can start to use them now.

Finally that brings me to my Patreon. I will be making some changes to it, probably after I release my next book and before I start the YouTube show. I haven’t decided what all I will change yet, but I will probably do away with the $2 tier and move all that up the the $5. That will give everyone there access to the pathworkings, sigils, hypno-alchemy tracks, along with the astral temple and that weekly ritual, which I will continue. Then a $10 tier for access to my shadow servitors. There will be 6 initially all having to do with sex, as they will be the basis for the upcoming sex book, but I’ll add two a month from then on that focus on different topics. Then I’m considering a $20 ritual tier where I will do a more standard ritual for the tier as a group. I’m think I’ll have a rotating set of things I’ll do the ritual for. One week money, another week healing, another for improving magick abilties, and so on. I’m still working on the details. I’m also considering starting a Discord for Patrons since it’s so hard to communicate on Patreon. I’ll let you know as we get closer.

Further down the road, probably not before Spring next year, I will finally begin offering courses. They will be a combination of video lectures and hypno-alchemy. I will have an “astral projection” course that will do more than open you to a reliable method of planar travel, but strengthen your ability to perceive and communicate with spirits through other methods such as scrying and evocation. I’ve also made tremendous advances in shadow work, so the long awaited Shadowbinder course is finally coming to completion in my head. But more than just shadow work, I have uncovered several ways to help all the different things that keep us weak and cause us to self-sabotage. So I’ll have stuff to help you heal your ancestors and end those so called “generational curses” most of us have and don’t even realize it. It’s amazing what happens in your life when you ancestors stop fighting against you and start fighting for you. We’ll also travel into your soul and restore your shattered power. And the part I’m still working on, clearing up those past life traumas. Once you are free of those past life traumas, ancestral curses, have your ancestors on your side, restore the shattered pieces of your soul back together, and have reconciled with the “inner horrors” hiding in your shadow and turned them into your personal spirit allies nothing will be able to stop you!

The whole image of the 151 Current is starting to come together. I had no idea where I was headed when I wrote my first book. I have known for a long time that my calling was to help teach people to grow closer with the spirits to change their lives and make the world a better place. I just didn’t know how. (For years my own Holy Guardian Angel was guiding me towards being a Catholic priest because that’s what I needed to go in the right direction. Spirit’s will tell you what you need to hear, not the hard truth, always remember that.) I never would have guess this is how it would end up happening! And it’s happening now because of all you and your support and feedback. I cannot wait to share everything with you. But I want to do it right and not rush it, so we all have to be patient, myself included. Thank you all for your support and for going with me on this weird journey.

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