Master Weight Loss Ritual

The Master Protection Ritual in Damon Brand’s book “Magical Protection” has always fascinated me. It is one of the most effective rituals I have ever used. It uses a group of spirits called the Genii of the Twelve Hours. (I say Genius Spirits as opposed to Genii because people tend to think Genii are Djinn and I just want to avoid that confusion.”) These were first written about in “Nuctemeron” by Apollonius of Tyana. In the Master Protection Ritual you work with twelve of these spirits, one from each hour. When I noticed this I wondered if you could use the ritual as a framework for other effects besides protection by swapping out different Genius Spirits, as long as they are from the same hour, and be just as powerful as the original ritual.

The first problem I ran into was that the spirit’s powers are rather vague. I wasn’t sure which spirit would be most appropriate. Then Tristan Whitespire released his book “The 84 Genies of Power” which went way more in depth about the different powers of the Genius Spirits. Now I could go through that book and pick out the most appropriate spirit from each hour for the effect I wanted.

I had to create a new sigil inspired by the original used in the Master Protection Ritual. That one is specifically designed for protection. So I created a different one that is more generic and can be used for multiple different types of rituals.

Finally I was ready. The topic I wanted to work with was weight loss. If the Genius Spirits could create an alchemical transformation within giving you the power to protect yourself, I bet they can create an alchemical transformation within giving you the power to lose weight. I’m not saying it will just melt fat away without any effort, but that it would change you so that you were more likely to do the work to lose the weight. This is the Master Weight Loss Ritual. I didn’t want to sit on it a year as I saw how effective it was. Instead I’m putting it out there for everyone to try. Just be aware that it is an experiment. But it should be a safe one. The source material is all well tested with a lot of amazing success stories.

The Master Weight Loss Ritual

Gaze at the sigil as you think about how you feel right now. Just be honest about your current state. If you are happy and joyful that’s great, if you are sad and tired, that’s fine too. Just allow yourself to become aware of your current state with no judgement. There’s no need for any emotional transformation here.

Now let your eyes scan over the white Hebrew words in the black outer ring. Gaze at them right to left, counter clockwise. Just let your eyes move over the letters so they begin to absorb into your subconscious. Then move to the black star letting it open your reality to change. Just gaze at it for a moment or two without rushing. Finally let your eyes move to the center triangle and the letters within. Just let your eyes move over them from right to left. Know that you are opening a gateway to the Genius Spirits.

When you speak the following ritual, either out loud or in your head, do so with authority and as though you are actually talking to someone. Don’t just mindlessly read the words and move one. You are talking to persons, even if that person is a spirit, so always keep that in mind.

After saying each line, don’t rush on to the next. Take a moment to imagine what it would be like to actually have the power that you are requesting from the spirit. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate fantasy, but just take a quick moment to think about what it would feel like to have that power.

Papus (PAHP-US), Genius of Physicians, grant me inner peace as you heal my eating disorders.

Baglis (BAHG-LISS), Genius of Measure and Balance, grant me balance in my health and appetite.

Phlogabitus (FLOW-GAH-BEE-TUHS), Genius of Adornments, grant me the strength, focus, and motivation required to ensure that I achieve my goals.

Schiekron (SHY-KRON), Genius of Bestial Love, grant me the discipline to lose weight.

Tablibik (TAH-BLEE-BIK), Genius of Fascination, grant me great passion for my own health.

Zaren (ZAH-RIN), Avenging Genius, help heal the traumas in my past that contribute to my weight problem.

Salilus (SAL-LEE-LUHS), Genius who Opens Doors, help me overcome my self-limiting nature.

Toglas (TOE-GLOSS), Genius of Treasures, grant me the confidence to claim my health and beauty.

Eisnuch (ICE-NOOK), Genius of Agriculture, help me properly nourish and strengthen my body.

Bucaphi (BOO-KAH-FEE), Genius of Stryges, help me overcome all fears of change.

Adjuchas (AHD-JEW-KAHS), Genius of Rocks, grant me physical beauty.

Misran (MEES-RAN), Genius of Persecution, grant me the power to overcome obstacles that stand in the way.

Now just take a moment to breathe, focus on your breath for a couple of seconds, and know that the ritual was a success and that you have begun the alchemical transformation that will allow you to lose weight.

You need to do this ritual everyday for 33 days. If you miss a day, just add it to the end, but do your very best to do it every single day for the full 33 days.

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