The Raziel Experiment

March 16th of 2022, my wife and I tried an experiment. Like Renaissance and Medieval magicians, I would summon Raziel and my wife would act as a medium. Inspired by an experiment in the show Hellier where hypnotist/occultist Lonnie Scott put the director under hypnosis and asked him questions about the phenomenon they were investigating, we decided I would also put my wife into hypnosis. I asked for questions from my patrons on Patreon. The following is the transcript of what happened.

Jareth Tempest: Raziel, thank you for being with us. Is Raziel the name that you are most comfortable with? Or do you have a different name that you would like us to use?

Raziel: You use Raziel, so that’s what I am most comfortable with you. Other people might call me other things, but this is us, this is how we relate.

JT: What other names are you known by in other cultures?

Raziel: (hard to discern so I will spell phonetically as best as I can) SAL-yah, ah-REL-yah, ah-MEN-no, im-in-NOM-in-ay

JT: Thank you Raziel.

JT: Can you answer questions about our history?

Raziel: I can.

JT: Can you tell us what actually happened to the two princes in the tower?

Raziel: Killed. Common thug. Hired. Led through the gates by the captain of the guard. Killed. Very far.  Scattered far away.

JT: Was there someone more powerful responsible?

Raziel: Captain of the guard. Beaufort.

JT: Thank you, Raziel.

JT: And now one more question that’s just for fun. Is there anything supernatural going on in the different pyramids in the world like say Egypt or and the Yucatan?

Raziel: Yes, is different. Different things in each location, right?

JT: The different magicians and religions of those places?

Raziel: Of course they are imbued with magic. Often blood, often death, that gold power. But each in its own location. They all tap into that universal though. The great subconscious does tie things together. So they are all unique, but they are all… trying… part of a greater… subconscious? (She seemed to be struggling to find the right words.)

JT: I understand.

JT: So people would like to know more about how the universe really works. Is that something that you can help us to understand? On a spiritual level?

Raziel: I mean, I could help YOU understand how YOUR universe works. Or another individual, if I relate to them. It’s not the same for everyone. We don’t all… we live in a shared overlapping universe, but some things are unique to each person.

JT: Okay, that’s very interesting. Could you… as we’re doing this then, just I suppose, answer the question as it applies to me.

Raziel: Hmm.

JT: So what is the difference between angels and demons?

Raziel: Mmm, two sides of a coin. Not really different. Different jobs. You have a company, all sorts of people work there. They do different things, but it’s still the same corporate culture.

JT: Would that apply to the different types of spirits such as Djinn?

Raziel: Mmm less. So some things are more foreign… more alien. Other things are more homegrown dedicated to here.

JT: And when you mean alien to you mean different like on a different level from humanity or just different from humanity or do you mean extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional?

Raziel: Yes.

JT: Okay. Are there any types of spirits that you do not work with?

Raziel: Some spirits I don’t work with certain people. Not that I don’t work with that spirit. They’re just not right for some people.

JT: Okay.

Raziel: It can be very personal. Some spirits aren’t right for certain people. Some spirits are more… harder to understand… harder to connect with… more foreign. So if, if they have a connection to a person, I have an easier time relating to them. I don’t hold grudges against anyone, that’s not it. It’s just some energies are more and less compatible with mine, and with different humans, than with other spirits.

JT: So is there such a thing as a higher self or is this a separate entity?

Raziel: Sort of. The higher self is your connection with the ultimate divine. The nameless, faceless wordless, all-encompassing, all-loving, all terrifying, power, the mmm, the sleeping giant that owns us all, that that doesn’t consciously interact. It’s busy, but it’s there. And you can… (trails off and is unresponsive for a while.)

JT: And, and the higher self is the part that connects us to that?

Raziel: Yes. And it is part of you, but it is also, something else.

JT: Is this what people would call the holy guardian angel?

Raziel: Sometimes.

JT:  For some people, would it maybe be a different type of entity…

Raziel: Absolutely.

JT: Would it maybe have a demonic…

Raziel: Yes. Demonic is so racist. I mean it is a loaded term, but it carries a lot of understanding so I accept it, it’s fine.

Raziel: Some people don’t have a higher self, some people never develop it. They never develop, they never manifest that connection to the divine they isolate out of refusal. They refuse to learn, to grow to, to have empathy and love. And there’s nothing they… No one starts out with a higher self. They… something you develop a large time over long, long time. Many choices. Many steps. All lead you to create, to manifest this entity, that’s you and not you. That can connect you to the divine, that can empower and protect you.

JT: So speaking for my own for myself is, is this why I have such a good response from spirits? Because I’ve spent the time to develop…

Raziel: Yes, so they see your shining soul. They want to connect, they are attracted like moth to a flame, but you won’t burn them. There’s a your safety. There’s love. There is a desire to keep you moving forward in the direction you’ve always chosen, time after time, after time. You choose love, kindness, growth, even when it’s hard, you face yourself. Very rare, very shiny.

JT: So you were speaking of the highest divine, the ultimate divine, God, as we tend to call him. Is that… is that the entity that we know of, or the name YHWH, is that the same? Or is that just merely another deity or aspect of that higher?

Raziel: There’s no name for this. Too big for names. Names put you in boxes. They put you in limitations. So you can’t. So this is so it can’t be named.

JT: Would you say non-dual? Where there is no separation.

Raziel: Non-duel where? (I don’t think the concept was translating well.)

JT: Like it’s not… there’s no us and them, it’s just God is just one whole…It’s okay. Why don’t I  work on that question and try…

Raziel: God is the air we breathe. The molecules. We are made of God. It’s everything is.

JT: So it’s like reality presents er God is presenting itself as reality?

Raziel: Yes.

JT: Okay.

Raziel: And it doesn’t… and spirits, different spirits teams, the angels, deities. We don’t know all think like humans. Some more than others. Some are better able to relate and use the language that will be understood. What you called God doesn’t. Can’t. There’s no verbal.

JT: There’s this just silence? It’s nothing that we can comprehend?

Raziel: Not silence, just not language. It is meaning carried on energy. It is…Surrounds us, is through us, is what we are made of. It doesn’t think about us though. There’s no consciousness the way you would understand it. And entities are different than human consciousness, some more than others. God is entirely different. There’s no… it doesn’t. There’s not a think… the way we? No, there’s not a… Think of it as a brain, all sorts of cells and structures and different jobs to do. They the electrical impulses and chemicals send signals back and forth. Relay information. There is, there is an awareness, but the brain is not the awareness.

JT: I believe, I understand what you’re saying. So, how would the Christ fit into this?

Raziel: Very advanced higher self. Someone who has progressed so far, learned so much, become so. We are all trying to become what we are. The Christ became that completely. Merged with his higher self was able to, rather than it being the two in one, it was just one, and connect directly with [God]

JT: I understand they merged fully with that higher self consciousness. You’re speaking of fully joined that connection to that, to him, in the divine.

Raziel: Yes.

JT: Okay.

Raziel: And could bring, could give the divine, the experience of language. Could that merging…

JT: So most like divinity poured through him so the others could see it and give it form in ways where people can’t see that higher God, that ultimate God, but they could see through him.

Raziel: Yes, and in return that higher, God moved directly through, rather than multiple layers of and the Christ…the god does not have, as I said, language or comprehensive sentience, the way we recognize, was able to take that power and give it sentience, give it thought, give it expression for a time.

JT: So the if this happened once in the man, Jesus could this happen again or,,,

Raziel:  Has.

JT:  It has happened before…

Raziel: And will.

JT: It has happened again, and is possible, and it will continue to happen. Okay.

Raziel: Most are still flashing. Right time, right place to build a cult. To build a religion that is wrong.

JT: Is there any religion that is more right than others?

Raziel: Nothing that’s more than a hundred years old or so. I mean more right than others maybe.

JT: But would you say that maybe?

Raziel: No, no, no one who does this, who makes this connection and brings the light into the world they don’t live forever.

JT: Their message was for a specific time and people?

Raziel: It gets distorted the further you on from the source but they’re there. They’re, it’s not, it’s not common, but it’s not, you know, one in millions not billions or trillions.

JT: Okay, so there are advanced spiritually advanced people here.

Raziel: A handful. A handful.

JT: Okay

Raziel:  No more than ten at any time I would say, right now. The, the more, it’s a process of evolution of lifetime, after lifetime, making the right choices, learning the right things, connecting more and more, merging more and more. The more people we have, the longer humanity’s history stretches, there will be more people who, who make this…

JT: Can magic accelerate the process in somebody?

Raziel: In a way.

JT: By working with the angels and higher beings. Can that can that help?

Raziel: Help with self-realization self-development. Help to choose the way of love. Help to let go of ego and materialism. And these, these things mean nothing to the great God. They incomprehensible even. Even when they are touched, and able to influence or commune with a higher person, they… (trails off.)

JT: Is there a particular system that helps people the most?

Raziel: You are doing a bang-up job?

JT: Thank you.

Raziel: People are too… There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for humanity. You’re too wild and variable. There are common themes. Common themes. Common denominators.

JT: Okay. Just a few more questions. Is there anything that we can do magically to make the world a better place to help humanity evolve?

Raziel: Do the work. Do the work for yourself. Do the work for your community, for your friends, and loved ones. Help help. Help.

JT: So in the Enochian system, there’s a system of angelic governors that govern the different countries of the world. Would there be a way to influence world events through those angelic governors?

Raziel: Potentially.

JT:  And would that work through the Enochian system or would we need to expand on it?

Raziel: I mean, would you rely on a centuries-old piece of technology that hasn’t been updated or maintained?

JT: This is true.

Raziel: What would you would you? As it exists, It was, it’s it’s just it’s a product of its time. It can influence its time, and did. That was its that’s that’s but you can’t take something that was so… is that old. There’s been too much human evolution. Since then, it MUST be updated. Must be reconfigured for modern problems.

JT: Okay. Is that something that perhaps we could work on? Eventually?

Raziel: What do you think’s been going on?

JT: I thought so. Well, thank you for being with us Raziel. And it’s been a true honor. And I just want to say how grateful I am for this and for everything that you’ve done.

Raziel: You’re so close, so close.

JT: Well, thank you. And we’ll, we will think about the things that you’ve shared with us and we’ll return and speak more. If that’s okay.

Raziel: Of course, always, happy together.

JT: Okay. Well, thank you very much. Then go now in peace

It should be noted that everything that Raziel said was still transferred through my wife’s mind which is why she still speaks using her phrasing and slang. Very often you can see her searching for words. You will also note that it was mentioned early on and repeated that all of this is very personal and can vary on an individual basis. I thought about removing some of the more personal bits, but since they give an example of, and expand on, the higher self concepts that came up, I decided to keep them in. Remember this experiment was meant for my own personal work, even though I took questions from my patrons, I am simply sharing the results.

In other words, don’t take this as gospel truth!

We chose Raziel mainly because we already have a great relationship and we figured the connection would be easier. It helps that Raziel is the archangel of Chokmah and mysteries.

For those interested in what ritual techniques were used, I began with the Sword Banishing and Circle of Power rituals that can be found in the books by Damon Brand. I then put her into hypnosis and then sent her through Raziel’s pathworking.

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