The Angels of Omnipotence and the Enochian Angels are not Vampires

The last couple of days a post has been making the rounds. It contains several personal attacks against me and my work, but more importantly, it is spreading fear and doubt in the community. I will not mention the name of the author of the attack piece. If you know, you know. It’s not worth drawing more attention to. Just know that he talks about another person who has written an article that contains several personal attacks against me as well. They seemed to have joined forces in a pathetic attempt to frighten people.

The thesis of the post is that the angels revealed by John Dee and Edward Kelley, which we shall call Enochian Angels for the rest of this article, and the Angels of Omnipotence are both evil vampiric parasites enslaving humanity in a twisted form of Gnosticism.

This person’s point of view is that the Watcher’s from the Book of Enoch are the true angels who are fighting Dee’s Enochian Angels and the Angels of Omnipotence.

I suppose I will begin by pointing out that the Angels of Omnipotence were not among the angels revealed to John Dee and Edward Kelley. They do not show up on any of the tablets or in any of the visions. None of the famous occultists who have worked with this system of magick have ever reported a connection between these two groups of spirits. The Golden Dawn never made this connection. Aleister Crowley never made this connection. It’s not a part of Thelema or any other system out there. It’s just a claim that these two individuals believe.

While he does eventually admit the Angels of Omnipotence came from the grimoire known as The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, he never mentions the long history of their use by occultists. They are included in books by Frater Malak and Damon Brand. Jason Miller has written about them on his blog. This is not to mention their use in Hoodoo and folk magick. No one has claimed that they are vampires or parasites.

To put it bluntly, there has never been anyone else who has ever claimed the Watchers are the good guys fighting the Enochian and Angels of Omnipotence who are standing in place for the Archons in this weird backwards Gnostic battle for humanity.

There is, in fact, only one thing that combines these two groups of spirits in any way. Me. I wrote a book on the Angels of Omnipotence and I am learning Enochian and talk about it a lot. I highly recommend books that use the system and have been known to tell people that for practical magick all you need is the Angels of Omnipotence and Universal Magick by Corwin Hargrove, which uses Enochian. Also, the day before the post went up I posted my interview with Raziel where Enochian comes up a time or two and I even talk about expanding on the system. This was mentioned in the post.

So here’s the truth. This person is another self-published author like me. We were both members of the same Facebook group. I put my book out first and got pretty popular within the group. When he put his book out he didn’t become as popular. He has accused me of not hyping his book. He has even accused me of cursing him. I never cursed him and I didn’t hype his book because we were never friends and I didn’t feel any obligation to. I never had anything against him though. His books were different from mine and I never saw them as competition. It was a different kind of magick that didn’t appeal to me, but I actually appreciated that, because I like variety and want people to have options. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to magick. I think there should be tons of different options available so people can find what works for them. Unfortunately, this point of view is not shared by everyone. Since then I have gone on to have success selling my initiations, which he mentions along with money showing that he is jealous of my success. So he found this other guy who doesn’t like the Angels of Omnipotence, or me, and they combined forces in a sad attempt to scare my customers away.

Now it is true that many people have had issues with both groups of spirits. Enochian is one of the most controversial systems of magick in history. There have been plenty of claims that the system is dangerous, especially for the inexperienced. They are energetically very strong and not everyone is ready for that. Study, practice, and using the equipment usually clear that up. But still you will find no shortage of people claiming they are actually aliens or demons or Lovecraftian Great Old Ones.

The Angels of Omnipotence are famous for causing “disruptions.” Not of the energy-draining type though. They give you what you want and will turn your life upside down if they have to. Elubatel in particular is famous for making people feel “not worthy” if they are lazy and don’t do their part to make the results happen. Both of these groups of spirits are incredibly powerful and effective and are therefore scary to some people.

Not everything is for everyone. It’s fine if there are types of magick that don’t work well for you. It’s fine if there are certain systems that don’t fit with your energy. It’s fine. That doesn’t mean the people who do work with them are evil and trying to enslave the world. While there are people who have had issues with these groups of spirits before, there are many more who have had wonderful life-changing experiences.

It’s important to not repeat the mistakes of the past and demonize people who do things differently. I mean, demons were literally demonized by Christians. Originally the word was daemon and simply meant spirit. Over time it became demon which meant fallen angel. Suddenly everyone who worked with demons was a witch who was out to destroy Christiandom from within. They burned thousands of innocent women for this bullshit. Let’s not go down that road again.

I don’t believe in telling people what to believe. If you believe this guy and what he’s saying that’s fine. You can believe whatever you want. But I draw the line at attacking someone because they believe differently from you. Even if you don’t believe he’s attacking me out of jealousy, it’s obvious he’s attacking me because of what he thinks I believe about the Angels of Omnipotence and that is wrong too.

Finally, I want to talk about parasites. Parasites are low-level spirits who are sometimes called trickster spirits. They appear as something else in an attempt to get you to let them in so they can feed on your emotions and energy. They often target people with mental illnesses. They are one of the biggest threats occultists face. I have known a few who have fallen victim to them. They start believing weird things, usually about aliens, and then start having twisted worldviews. Often they begin to see themselves as the hero of the story, fighting a desperate battle against vast spiritual or alien forces. It’s sad. They become so convinced of this new worldview that they will resist any attempt to remove the parasites who they see as allies. Pointing out that they are parasites just makes you seem like the enemy. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Again, in the end, believe whatever you want. But I’d at least ask you to look at all the results that others have had and are still having. They are the real proof of what I’m saying. Seriously, I didn’t want to spend my Sunday dealing with this. I didn’t want to write this. I’d rather this guy just go away and leave me alone. He can be there hero in his story, just don’t try to make me the villain. It’s all so petty. We self-publish occult books on the same platform that sells dinosaur erotica for fuck’s sake. Get over yourself and do the work. I’m sorry you guys had to read this. Thanks for putting up with me and the drama.

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