The Raziel Experiment Part 2

On March 23rd my wife and I repeated the experiment and interviewed Raziel for a second time. This time mainly to answer questions that I had about topics from the first interview. I have omitted some questions that were of a more personal nature.

Always remember that this is a single spirit’s perspective filtered through a human mind. You can think of it as a collaboration between Raziel and my wife.

Jareth Tempest: Last time you mentioned that everyone’s universe is unique, though they overlap. Would it be true to say that we build our own magical universe based on our experiences and beliefs?

Raziel: Builds their own… schematic? As you grow.

JT: So we grow our universes by introducing new concepts and ideas.

R: Yes, as you experience things, that becomes your reality. Everyone… Perception is truth. What you believe creates your connection.

JT: So if somebody grew up in a tradition like Christianity, and they built their universe around that belief system and then they introduced a deity foreign from that tradition, like Kali, how would that become one? Would Kali be, within their universe, be answerable to Jesus and Mary?

R: Well, not exactly. There’s a level of self-awareness that’s required, and trying to introduce something strange into something… so constricted. There are no hard and fast laws of the universe and when you’re…There’s a mental flexibility, required to bring something foreign into such a rigid context.

JT: Okay. But say, somebody has then opened themselves beyond that tradition and they’re trying to encompass more, and they begin bringing outside influences, do they then kind of create the hierarchies themselves? Or is there really no such thing as a hierarchy?

R: A hierarchy. Yeah, just… not feel like the right kind of term. Everything. There are layers and ways and things overlap. But it’s not a who’s the boss of who situation. Everyone creates their own framework that they then slot whatever deities into and those interactions will be constrained by the way you interact with them.

JT: Okay, so our magic then would be better and better, I mean we’d get better results the more that we interact with within our own magical universe and building the relationships that are there and taking those deeper as opposed to trying to build more into it and then take more pieces from other places and keep putting them in to expand it. If that makes sense.

R: No.

JT: No. So our magic would then works better by building relationships, and the closer that we’re able to get to the spirits that we work with is more important than adding more spirits.

Raziel: Ah, yes, to some extent. It’s a matter of finding the right spirits. When you resonate with something, explore that, expand it rather than fighting to add something new all the time, or something that isn’t meant for you. Meant isn’t the right word. Something that…We all have our natural inclinations, it’s better to explore and follow those than try and fight with something that you are not inclined towards.

JT: So, it’s best to find the tradition that you resonate with and work with that and deepen your connection with that.

R: Yeah, I mean tradition is maybe not the everyone, mmm, we’re…

JT: System?

R: Create your own….Create your own system that resonates with you.

JT: Would you say that when you get a  familiar from a spirit is that actually getting another spirit from that spirit or is it a way to maybe deepen your relationship with that spirit and have that spirit become more real in your reality?

R: I think I creation of a familiar spirit. It’s yes, it’s something that is created just for you. It is, it is a part of your connection with that being, it’s an accessory.

JT: Okay, if our universe is unique, how can we affect other people’s universes with magic? For example, if I were to try and curse somebody with a spirit that they didn’t know will that still be effective?

R: Something might be lost in translation, but there are still facts. And pushing on a closed door.

JT: Okay. I’m now speaking about the things that overlap everybody and I’m asking if the stars are where a lot of these overlapping things come from?

R: Origin is complicated. Yes, they do have an overarching influence… that can touch…

JT:  Does everything have a spirit?

R: ish. There is a spirit that runs through everything. Many things… aggregate? Become their own self and develop a spirit.

JT: So maybe not every blade of grass has a spirit, but maybe the field…

R: Grass. Grass has a spirit. Yeah. Yes, it’s maybe not that each individual has, but a conglomerate.

JT: But a specific tree may have its own.

R: Yes. Spirit, as the basic life force of the universe, the magic, the spirit, the everything. Its natural inclination is to take shape. Enough particles gathered together to become a consciousness of a sort.

JT: Do ideas and concepts have spirits?

R: Yes. Anything that that… there’s a core that the concept can gel around.

JT: If we help a spirit of one of these things to thrive, does that make the material thing thrive? Like if we were to work with the spirit of a tree would that help a tree to be more healthy and thrive and flourish in the physical world?

R: Yes. I suppose Influencing spiritual growth does have an effect on their vitality.

JT: Do spirits enjoy it when people sing?

R: Sometimes. Generally. A song is a vibration, it is a good way to connect. It distills emotion and purifies it down.

JT: Last time you brought up language a few times and you said that not all spirits use language and that some have trouble understanding human languages. So, what is the best way for humans to communicate with spirits?

R: Emotion. Get to the core of things and connect that…Emotional connection, like electricity, flows from you to them, from them to you.

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