The Shape of Magick So Far

I wanted to write a quick brief summary of what magick and the universe look like based on the interviews my wife and I have been doing with spirits. So far it’s only been two interviews with Raziel and one with the spirit of a dead teenage girl. Most of the information comes from the interviews themselves, though it also comes from the discussions we’ve had. Much of the information is experienced and not easy articulated and I have my own claircognizant answers as well that give context that may not be in the simple answer that is vocalized.

This will be an ongoing project. I will add to this or maybe even subtract based on more interviews and getting more information. I want to write this because people are already taking some of it out of context and using it against me and I want to be clear what my conclusions are so far. Obviously, everyone is free to form their own opinions, but I want to have mine explained as fully as possible so there is hopefully less confusion. As it stands we are far from knowing everything, but I feel that we can begin to see the general shape of some things.

I. Divinity

The highest level of divinity that we typically call God cannot be named. Names imply limits. They are attempts to bring some form of comprehension. Divinity has no limits and cannot be comprehended. Divinity cannot be perceived. Mystics, myself included, sometimes “see” it as a luminous darkness, or an impenetrable darkness that paradoxically seems to shine. It can also be perceived as nothing. A void of emptiness that fills everything.

It speaks no language because what is language but giving abstract names to divisible concepts and ideas. Divinity is cannot be divided and broken down in such a way.

Divinity does indeed fill everything. The world, both material and spiritual, is the divine presenting itself as the world. It is everything, but because it has no limits cannot be contained by the world, and is still utterly infinitely beyond our world.

II. A Spiritual Universe

Everything in the universe has a spiritual component. Some may be small enough to not have an individual consciousness, but collectively they do. For example, each blade of grass has a spirit but may not be conscious. However, there is a spirit of grass that does have a conscious intelligence, as does the field that the grass grows in that is the grass, but also the soil, and all of the thousands of other living beings.

This means that we are surrounded at all times by spirits and intelligences and we should behave as such. We should try to work with the spirits around us and try to make them thrive and flourish. We should treat them with dignity as persons. Obviously, as humans we must consume other living things, plants and animals, to survive. We should do this conscious of them. Thank them. Again as humans, we sometimes must tear down or otherwise intrude upon these spirit’s habitat. We should ask for their consent, or at the very least apologize afterward. A lot of humanity’s current problems come from nonconsensual abuses of nature’s spirit world.

Beyond Earth, the other planets and the stars also have spirits. Many of the spirits occultists work with as “angels” are actually star and planet spirits. As the Earth rotates and these stars and planets go into the “underworld” they become underworld or chthonic spirits. We often call them demons.

There are of course several different types of spirits. Real angels that carry out the necessary work of creation and destruction. Fairies who live in nature but aren’t nature spirits. Djinn, dragons, and so many more. And then the variety of deities and spirits from the various Religions and cultures.

Ideas and concepts have their own spirits. Many of these are probably the foundation of many of the various deities and patron spirits.

III. Magick

Within the framework described above everyone then creates their own magical universe. You decide what deities and spirits you will work with and in many ways it’s up to you in how you will work with them and how they will work together. It’s best to pick a magick system that you resonate best with and then deepen your relationship with that system and its spirits. This is more effective than trying to figure out how all the various, often contradictory, fit together. You want to find what works for you and go deeper into it.

IV. Holy Daimon

Both the concepts of the Higher Self and the Holy Guardian Angel are actually off and need to be redefined. I will therefore use Frater Acher’s term, the “Holy Daimon” at least for now. The Holy Daimon is the connection between you and the unnamable and unknowable Divinity. It is a transcendent being, who is a separate entity from yourself that connects the finite you to the infinite divine. While it cannot be fully comprehended because of its transcendent nature, it can be known and communicated with.

New souls are not born with a Holy Daimon. They must be grown and developed over several lifetimes. And then only after they have been developed can you begin to know and communicate with them. At this point, they will provide protection as well as grant you divine authority over other spirits. As such nurturing your Holy Daimon and learning to communicate with it is one of the most important things you can do to improve your magick. You do this by choosing to grow, getting out of your comfort zone, helping others, choosing love even when it is hard.

Your Holy Daimon is the voice of you hear the divine through. You can think of it as your conscious at first. Listening to that voice and doing what it says will help you to nurture and grow your Holy Daimon. Prayer is another way. As I said above your Holy Daimon is in effect the voice of God and what is prayer if not talking to your God? Mediation is a way to quiet the mind and the soul so that the Divine can communicate through the Holy Daimon and instruct your soul in silence.

V. The Christ

There are people who have Holy Daimons that are so highly developed, over multiple lifetimes, that they become voices for the divine in the world. Typically the divine can’t use language, but when poured through the Holy Daimon and then through the mind of one of these “Christs” the divine can speak to us. These people have appeared throughout history. There are around ten at any given time. Jesus was one of many of these types of people. He just so happened to be at the right time and the right place for a cult to form around him and when that cult converted a Roman Emperor it created a world-dominating religion.

VI. Evolution

Humanity is constantly growing and changing. So should our beliefs, religions, and magick systems. What lessons can Bronze Age morality teach us today? Our society has evolved, so should our morality. Today we value freedom and equality while in the past we valued slavery to an absolute monarch and strict hierarchies. Who knows what we will value in another two thousand years.

It’s the same with magick. Most of our magick systems came from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. I’m not saying that they should be thrown out and forgotten, simply that we need to update them for a new age.

We need to develop relationships with the spirits that are with us here and now. For example, you can see that the concept of liberty has become more and more important to us over the years. This concept has a spirit. We should be working with this spirit to keep our local communities free. Obviously, we can’t neglect the spirits of our new technology. It’s very hard to find a spirit in a grimoire that will help keep your car running smoothly, much less your laptop.

Conclusion for Now

While there are still many topics to cover such as the soul, death, the afterlife, and many more I think we can begin to see the general shape of things beginning to take form. The details will be filled in later. In fact, it appears that it’s up to each of us as individual practitioners to fill in many of the details for ourselves. There appears to be a framework to the universe that we need to stick with, but then we are free to plug in whatever system we want into that framework. So we aren’t dealing with pure Chaos Magick where nothing is true and everything is permitted, but it’s also not saying that one system is the right one and must be rigidly adhered to. There’s room to play if you will.

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