An Interview with Lucifer

On March 28, 2022, I summoned Lucifer who then spoke through my wife Ligeia, who was under hypnosis and was working as my medium. This is a slightly edited transcript of the interview. Always keep in mind that Lucifer is speaking through my wife. He picks up her speech patterns and phrasing since the message is moving through her brain. We use hypnosis to try and keep the message as pure as possible, but it’s something to remember.

Jareth Tempest: Are you here Lucifer? 

Lucifer: Yes

JT: We would like to speak with you, would that be okay? 

L: Of course.

JT: Are you the light bearer? 

L: One of many.

JT: Are you the divine force of creation and time?

L: A portion of that.

JT: Did you help create humanity and the universe? 

L: I like to think I played a little part. I can’t take a lot of credit but I helped.

JT: Are you a fallen angel?

L: Falling implies direction and that’s super not applicable. I’m…Yeah, that’s so no. I’m an angel, there’s, there’s no fallen. My job is just differently aspected than other angels. There are… sorry not sure how to explain it. 

JT: Okay well ask more questions and maybe that’ll help. Was there a war in heaven? 

L: You’re talking from a very biblical paradigm that is just not… 

JT: I understand. I’m just trying to…

L: No, there’s not really a heaven though. So there can’t be a war in heaven. There’s not… like is there a war amongst the natural order of things? There’s creation and destruction, but it all is part of the same, in some ways, it’s all the same thing. So, like to say, is there a war in heaven? It implies conflict, and that’s not really the case. 

JT: So there’s nothing… nothing is rebelling against God and creation or anything like that? The way that the Christians would imply, you know? 

L: I mean the Christians’s idea of God is very different from the way you personally perceive God. Yeah, we’re kind of talking apples and oranges, right? I understand that the, you know, the Bible has a lot of great wisdom and a lot of great bullshit. But like the fundamental idea that there is a cognizant singular deity that’s in charge of everything is incorrect.

JT: So you are… I’m sorry that’s just affecting the questions. So what is your relationship to the divine then? Are you an archangel? Or something more powerful?

L: Sure. Think of a prism. Billions upon billions of different facets to a crystal and some facets are bigger than others. They reflect a more singular beam of light. I am a larger facet. Some facets are tiny, tiny, tiny, some are bigger than universes, and I am on the larger and of things, but we’re also part of the same crystal. Metaphors aren’t always my thing, but you understand there’s not a simple easily explainable hierarchy like the…You people are so caught up in your physical body, which is understandable, but you being able to see where you begin and where you end at, and observing the world in a series of finite objects that you know, physical things, it makes you think that everything is like that and it’s not when you start talking about energy and spirits and God. You are talking about things that overlap, that can’t be easily defined and put in boxes. You have to keep your mind very, very open and flexible to wrap it around some of these things. Because yeah, yeah. There’s not, there’s not a cut and dried structure and defined edges to things when it comes to spirits as there are in your physical world.

JT: What do you think of the upside-down crosses and black altars and the so-called blasphemous side of the left-hand path?

L: If it’s important to some people then that’s cool, use it. I like it because you like it. I don’t have a personal invested interest, but if you feel that it connects us, then it connects us.

JT: You’re often referred to as the Emperor of Demons and listed in human hierarchies as the head of demons, is this a role you actually play? Or is it just sort of a part of like what you were saying earlier, a part of your overlapping as being such a big light?

L: Yes, it overlaps. Yes, yes. I, sorry, trying not to split hairs over the link, but yeah. Am I in charge of other demons? I mean, sort of. I definitely have a…I’m not going to say that I’m the boss, but I am a…Many demons, for lack of a word, are more individualized aspects of me. Okay, if God is the infinite divine that is everything, and then you divide the infinite into two, call it light and dark, for lack of a better word. And then divide those some more, and you start getting different smaller aspects and then you start naming those aspects.

JT: So, you are one of the… like when it splits that first time into light and dark, you’re one of those earlier big lights. 

L: Yeah, I’m a few splits down from the very top, but I’m still pretty close.

JT: This is just a question a lot of people have, and I just want to finally put an end to it. Do you mind if people work with you and work with angels? 

L: Love it, whatever it gets you closer to source. And for most people, they talk about being the best you that you can be, and that’s sort of it. It’s trying to hone yourselves down to your most fundamental defining characteristic. Becoming, you know, the the the most you that you can be. Some people are terrible people, but there’s a reason for terrible people, the world needs terrible, people, things need to happen, there’s got to be a catalyst, you know, there’s a creation and destruction. You’ve got to have things that shake up the system and terrible people are great at that. And so for an awful person you know, they will, in theory, become more and more awful as time got. But it’s… you start out as a blank slate and you make choices over and over and over and and and there’s no judgment here, about whether it’s, you know, better to be Jesus or Hitler like a lot of awful things have happened in the name of Jesus, and you know there were some small benefits that came out big…. you do think it’s… it’s so complicated, but…

JT: I think I understand. So in kind of staying on that theme then, is there a spiritual source of all evil? You talk about creation and destruction light and dark, those splits, but is there a good and evil?

L: Those concepts are so hard to define. I mean yes, but both are necessary. Yes, there is a good and evil but the world needs both to function.

JT: So what would be the spiritual source of evil then? Who’s the devil so to speak?

L: You can’t get in touch with it. Spiritually, speaking it is greed. It is hunger. It is, it is, it is… True evil doesn’t have a something you can tap into like that. 

JT: Is it okay, maybe, if I break it down? 

L: Please. 

JT: So would you then say that evil is more of an absence of good? 

L: Correct.

JT: Raziel had talked about the ideas and concepts can have spirits? So does a concept like greed and lust do those have spirits? 

L: Yes, sort of. They’re not very self-aware is the thing. Like when you try and get… when you develop your, what you’ve called your higher self, that part of you that is more directly linked to the infinite, that you grow over life times.You make that by communicating and by making choices, and by you choosing love, and getting in touch with… you know it’s a positive. You can you can get… there is something there to make contact with. The opposite is an absence and harder to communicate with. They are lower spirits. They don’t have the same, they don’t, they don’t… think the way humans do, I mean nothing thinks like humans do, but you know…

JT: They’re more like urges? 

L: Yeah.

JT: Why is there suffering on earth?

L: Growth is painful. Pain refines you. Pain makes you decide who you are. And if the whole goal is to know yourself, nothing teaches that lesson like pain

JT: As we are reborn, do we agree to the amount of suffering, or the kind of suffering, that we’re going to face in that lifetime? 

L: To some extent. And I don’t want this to get off on the wrong end of the stick, like “everything happens for a reason.” It’s not that. You don’t get to pick the details, you might get to decide how much growth you want to attempt, but you plot out… You know the rough outline but not the finer points.

JT: Do we each have a purpose? A mission or job that we have to accomplish here?

L: Some yes, some no. The more evolved a soul is, the more likely they are to have a purpose. You don’t want to throw the newbies into the deep end of the pool and give them a live quest right off the bat. People need time to get a feel for who they are before life starts throwing any bigger bones at them.

JT: What do we have to do to move on from earth?

L: Make the choice. You have to be aware enough that there is a choice before you can make one, though. And that is the hard part.

JT: So I’m gonna back up just a little. As humans, we like to label things, as I’m sure you know. But I’m assuming that fragments of you and your power have manifested as other deities, correct? In different cultures throughout history?

L: Sure. 

JT: So would the Greek deity Phanes? Who’s the creation deity of love and light?

L: Not so much. 

JT: How about the Egyptian Heh, the deity of time and fire of creation.

L: Closer.

JT: And what is your relation to Venus, and the morning star? 

L: It’s a purifier. I am a purifier. I am a catalyst more than any other single thing I am the dawn of a new age. The morning star.

JT: So can you help people to forge their own destiny? 

L: Definitely.

JT: And what is the best way people can work with you?

L: The best way is going to vary from person to person, there’s no universal. There’s no one size fits all, there’s no one best way.

JT: So would something like packs be helpful for certain people? 

L: Certainly. Whatever, whatever, helps you manifest faith. Whatever helps give you… I can only help you if you believe in my help. So, whatever gets you there. If it’s a pact, or wearing a fancy outfit and dancing in a circle while lighting some incense. Whatever. Whatever feels right to you. Look around, try some different things when you find the one you’ll know, but it’s… experimentation is important. So yeah, try different things. Some are gonna make you feel silly as hell. Some are gonna feel like a god striding the earth. Don’t be afraid to test new things. 

JT: And finally, I want to ask, why do you help people?

L: It’s what I was made to do. You asked, “do we have a purpose in life?” That’s mine. I help in different ways, but helping people find their way closer to divinity. Most of us are here for that in one way or another. 

JT: And so this would be why other demons, since there are, like as you said, they are fragments of you, this is why demons like to help people? It’s kind of overall, what all of our mission is, just to help each other? 

L: Yes.

All right. Well, thank you very much, Lucifer, you may go in peace.

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