Interview with Metatron

May 6, 2022

Metatron was more difficult to communicate with. He really had trouble putting his thoughts into words. Talking about the Trinity was a complete failure so I’ve just deleted all of that. He just couldn’t find the vocabulary in my wife’s mind, which caused her a lot of discomfort. That being said, we still got some good stuff. Some more surprising answers. As someone who hates aliens and rolls his eyes at starseeds, I guess I have to apologize.

Jareth Tempest: Are you here, Metatron?

Metatron: Yes

JT: Thank you for being here. We have some questions for you. Would it be okay to ask you these questions?

M: Yes

JT: Occultists often talk about the holy guardian angel. There’s a lot of curiosity as to what that actually is. Can you tell us what the holy guardian angel is?

M: When a new soul is created, they’re born with a seed that will grow into their higher self. At the same time, there’s another seed that comes into being that is a pure spark of the divine. As the seed grows the holy seed, grows as well. Which is not to say that it comes into being an infant. It is still, it is an angelic being.

JT: And what is its purpose?

M: To guide, to watch over, to nurture, to guide towards the ultimate goal, which is perfect union between the human seed and the holy seed, which has now, of course, grown strong and ancient.

JT: So this growth of the two takes place over many lifetimes?

M: Indeed

JT: And it is the goal to unite these two.

M: Yes. You’ve spoken with Raziel and Lucifer about Jesus about the ascended beings who are a direct conduit to the divine. That’s how that happened.

JT: Is there a practice that we can do to help us to communicate with that holy spark? That holy guardian angel?

M: Yes, there are ways. The best way is simply to spend time… to reflect upon…

JT: To get to know yourself?

M: Indeed just to continually explore and… try to to….

JT: So contemplation and spiritual practices and getting to know yourself and…

M: Yes. And it becomes like an energetic channel between you and your higher self and the wider the channel the more the information flows back and forth, and the more… Your higher guardian angel will contact your higher self. They will work together. So know yourself, know your higher self, and then you can communicate directly with your guardian angel and work towards unity.

JT: So our goal then should be to learn to communicate with a holy guardian angel, and that will teach us how to grow and nurture the higher self, and help us to reach this union?

M: Easier said than done. I know and there are many paths towards that but, yes, essentially. Your higher self and your holly guardian angel are in contact and communication and help to guide you. So the more in touch you are with your higher self, the more you will be able to communicate and learn from your holy guardian angel.

JT: Ok, thank you.

(Deleted Section on the Trinity)

JT: So we were talking about Jesus, and we’ve been getting a lot of various information about who Jesus was. Was Jesus God incarnate?

M: He became so. At the end, he became so.

JT: Oh okay. Was God Jesus’s literal father?

M: Sort of. It was not a virgin birth. But the man Mary lay with carried something else within him. An angel, of a sort. When he spilled his seed, he spilled divinity into her womb. Jesus was always… He was ready. He had spent his lifetimes, he had done the work. He was ready, and it was the right time and place. Something that the world needed, still does, has been twisted and corrupted. As humans do.

JT: Was Mary specially prepared for this?

M: She was an ancient soul. She was very close herself. She was able to make the choice at the end of her life. She knew what to ask. If you get my draft.

JT: So she asked to be the mother of the Christ?

M: At the end of this life, she had asked to leave the reincarnation. And to be a guardian for humanity.

JT: Oh ok.

M: But she also, yeah, in a way asked. It gets so complicated when you’re in that space between lives, there’s so much that can happen. There’s so much. She knew that the world needed a change. She asked to be a part of it. And so, she was.

JT: Is it true that because of human’s free will angels won’t act on our behalf unless we ask?

M: Not necessarily. But there are many things that can happen that don’t infringe upon free will. And help can come in many forms. I guess that’s a sort of a yes. Generally yes, but It’s not always that straightforward. Mostly, yes.

JT: So it is said that you are the closest to God. Is this true?

M: It’s hard to… I’m not sure any sort of unit of measurement is applicable here. Closer, that implies distance. There’s no such thing.

JT: How about intimate are you the most intimate with God.

M: I have the most direct communication back and forth. We chat, I suppose that’s why I was the mouthpiece so often. But things like “closer.” I understand your idiom.

JT: In some stories, you were the human patriarch Enoch. So is this true? Were you a human?

M: I was never human per se.I am very close with his guardian angel. You could say, his angel is made up of me, a chunk, a clone, a peace broken off and left to grow.

JT: A friend of mine says the same thing about himself, that you are his holy guardian angel, does that type of thing happen occasionally?

M: Certainly, yes it does.

JT: So you got me thinking were the Nephilim real physical hybrids of spirits and humans.

M: Yes, ish. It was again, it was an angel joining, but with humanity and adding their essence into a pregnancy. Does that…?

JT: I think I understand to some degree I think. Within the stories of the Nephilim, it says that their dead spirits are malevolent and hate humanity, is this true?

M: Often. There’s a reason we don’t do that anymore. It doesn’t work out well. Once civilization happened, our relationship with humanity changed, but there was a learning curve.

JT: That’s very interesting. I want to cover one more topic before we go end. Is there physical intelligent life on other planets?

M: Yes. It’s not really within my wheelhouse of knowledge. But yes.

JT: Is this something that you can speak on, or would you rather have us talk to someone else?

M: I will do my best.

JT: So has earth ever physically been visited by extraterrestrials?

M: Physically no.

JT: Have we been visited, spiritually?

M: Yes, absolutely.

JT: Are the fay extraterrestrial in origin?

M: Yes.

JT: Has there ever been any breeding between humans and extraterrestrials?

M: Yes, a lot of it is, it’s not always physical. Because there’s a spiritual component to the creation of life, to breeding, to conception. Sometimes beings, or forces outside of humanity, add their essence into that spark of creation. Give them….adds a little something extra to their spirit as they can.

JT: Are our human governments in contact with extraterrestrials?

M: Not, not generally. Not knowingly.

JT: Can humans be reincarnated from beings from other planets, like what we call star seeds?

M: Yes, those what I was talking about, you have it, an alien, a foreign energy, a spirit that comes and combines, unites, their energy with with humans and can… We’ve talked about the concept of a seed that grows to the higher self. Right?

JT: Yes.

M: Think of this like grafting a limb onto a tree. If you’re familiar with, arboreal husbandry.

JT: Does this give them any particular advantages or disadvantages?

M: Talents, sometimes. Magic, certainly. You don’t get superpowers, often there are negatives along with the positives, but yes, it does. It can in some ways give special abilities and things.

JT: Can we choose to be reincarnated on another planet in our next life?

M: You could, yes.

JT: Well, that is all of the questions that I had. Is there any last message that you’d like to give us?

M: Be kind to each other. Things will get worse before they get better and kindness will be needed.

JT: Thank you Metatron. Again, I think you very much for your time and for your wisdom. Now go in peace.

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