Interview with Lilith

As always this interview was done by putting my wife into hypnosis where she acts as a medium. The following took place on two separate days as the first interview was brought to a quick conclusion when Lilith pointed out my wife was too energetically depleted to continue. So we quickly ended that ritual and then returned to it a few days later. This was probably one of the most difficult rituals for me, as Lilith reacted very emotionally a couple of times, but working with her was actually very easy for my wife, especially compared to Metatron.

May 11, 2022

Jareth Tempest: Are you here, Lilith?

Lilith: Yes

JT: We have some questions we want to ask you, is that okay? 

L: Of course

JT: Lilith you’ve been described both as a demon who kills children and is a mother who heals deep wounds. How would you describe your true nature?

L: In some ways. I am both. I am a mother figure. Who nurtures change. I do heal great trauma, but change can be painful. And sometimes you have to kill your former self in order to grow and become who you are meant to be.

JT: There are many different stories told about you over the years and the stories have changed over time. As the stories and the beliefs change do you change?

L: A woman at home in her PJs, looks very different from a woman dressed to the nines for a night on the town. Is she fundamentally a different woman? No, but her appearance is different. And her behavior is likely different. You act differently when you’re relaxing at home then when you’re… you get my drift.

JT: Yes. So you are both still the goddess who warns of impending danger as well as the demon who inspires women to be independent? 

L: Yes absolutely. In your previous conversations, you’ve talked about sort of facets on the jewel. And as you have one large facet that can be broken down into smaller individual… unique, but the same. 

JT: And all of the names ould each kind of attached to a different facet?

L: Yes, but that also attaches them to the largest facet just in a more indirect route. Does that make sense? 

JT: Yes. 

L: Excellent.

JT: So it sounds as though you’re saying that you do kind of adapt at least to what people believe about you. does that mean that you experience time the way that we do?

L: Not exactly. We are all at once, but some are more immediate than others. I’m not sure how else to explain it. 

JT: I think I have a glimpse at least of what you mean.  I’ve read in one book that you are the Shekinah, the female personification of God within creation. Is there any truth to this?

L: Yes, absolutely. I was just talking about facets, the Shekinah, I am. I am a smaller faucet of Shekinah.

JT: So in some ways, they often equate the Shekinah with the Holy Spirit, as one of the persons of the Trinity. Is this an accurate way to describe it?

L: Somewhat. I’m sorry. I think we should continue this conversation another time. She put out an enormous amount of energy today. 

JT: Okay, Well, thank you for your time Lilith. And we will try again at another time. 

L: I would enjoy that very much. 

May 15, 2022

JT: Lilith, are you here?

L: Yes. 

JT: Thank you for being with us Lilith. I would like to continue our conversation from last time. We were beginning to talk about the Shekinah. And then she said that you are part of a facet of her, she’s sort of the original?

L: Yes, something like that.

JT: Would you consider her to be the third person in the trinity?

L: I would many would not.

JT: Okay. Did the garden of Eden’s story happen as real physical events in earth’s history?

L: It’s wrong on a lot of points, but there is some truth to it. When humanity first evolved and that first group of people who had self-awareness, and the ability to communicate with each other and form a culture. Those of us who are divinely made rather than evolved from humanity. We gathered around with so much joy. We tried to make things as easy as we could for them. They had bountiful gathering, and good hunting. The weather was fine. They didn’t face drought nor floods, and we paved the way for them to evolve. It was easy if there basic needs that “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.” Their basic needs were fed, they could concentrate on higher matters. On developing a culture, and a spirituality, the basic building blocks, learning to relate to the divine and this could not last forever of course. At some point, humanity had to evolve out of the honeymoon phase and go out to populate the world and face hardships. But we had already started the fundamental connections to them to aid and guide them. We couldn’t protect them as much. We had to. When you’re trying to walk, you have to fall. If you never fall and you’re caught every time there are lessons you don’t learn. So we provided them with the tools and a connection and a spirituality that could help them and they moved out into the world and things evolved from there.

JT: Thank you for that. So, just to clarify, you are not Adam’s first wife.

L: First wife no. I was one of the first. There are different hierarchies and levels between us and the divine. Metatron is very close to the divine and filters things down to us. And some of us are more intrinsically connected with humanity. There are many beings that are older than humanity. I came into being specifically, as a guardian for humanity. I was the initial maternal figure in the early religion, and the tradition of marrying or mating with that figure is very old one in humanity.

JT: So in a sense of Adam, meaning man, and so mankind was married to the mother. 

L: Yes.

JT:  All right, I understand. In Many in many of the stories and the ways that people depict you now, you’re a very dark figure. Is this true of your real nature? 

L: (She explodes in rage) Have you seen what’s been done to women? I am the oldest mother of the human race. Have you’ve seen what they have done to women’s the last three thousand years? Yes, I have become very dark.

JT: I understand. I’ll give you a moment.

L: (Crying) The world will turn, everything changes. We’ve seen patriarchal cultures rise and fall before. This one will fall as well.

JT: So you’re obviously associated with women and motherhood. Is it appropriate is for men to work with you as well?

L: Absolutely. Men who don’t work with their feminine side, what do they mean? Toxic masculinity. I absolutely seek men to work with me, but they should be prepared that it won’t always be easy. I can’t always be kind and teach the lessons that need to be learned.

JT: So most of the questions that I have left came from other magicians who are more curious about working with you in different ways. So forgive me if they kind of bounce around a little bit or if they seem like backtracking. And anyway, but you’re often associated with succubus and incubus. Are these helpful spirits that can help teach people things like sexual alchemy or are they parasites?

L: Most of them are parasites drawn to people who are frightened of sexuality. Some of them are legitimate and can be helpful and useful. 

JT: Can you help people find a useful one? 

L: Absolutely.

JT: You also have a connection with vampire lore. Can you teach people vampirism? You know that psychic magical type vampire?

L: I can help you pull energy from a negative source and use it for positive ways. Which is to say, yes, yes, I can. However, I can be selective about who I will teach what, based on their motives. And not everyone is ready for everything at once. People are at different stages of their journey. And I have to take that into consideration when dealing with people. It’s not that I don’t want to work with some people, it’s just that the timing is wrong.

JT: You have also helped a lot of people that I know with healing of sexual trauma because, as you know, there’s a lot of sexual trauma to go around. Is this something that people can come to you for? Is this one of the things that you are? Absolutely. There’s a story in her head…

(The dog interrupts everything for a moment.)

JT: We were talking about healing sexual trauma, and there was a story and her head you said? 

L: you asked about succubuses and feeding on energy, and there’s a story by Poppy Z. Brite and a woman who has a feeding attachment. She feeds on embryos, and feeds on the memories and destroys them so that any of the trauma associated with that person, or that child was erased, and she was fed. Without the eating of embryos necessarily, that is the sort of vampirism. That is the sort of transformative… I can help people take those traumas and reframe them…

JT: Like transmute them to… 

L: Yes to seal the pain, and transmute it into power. To be stronger and more whole then without.

JT: Okay. You are often associated with the qlipot and the Tree of Death. And in fact, one of the qlipot is named after you. I guess my first question is, is this a real thing? Or is it a metaphor that magicians have created to work through things, you know, do their shadow work and things of that nature.

L: Why can’t it be both? Some things start out as a metaphor. But enough people put all this literal belief into that and it becomes its own thing. It takes a life of its own, becomes a new facet, right? 

JT: That’s what I meant. I just meant that instead of this being a real place where demons are trying to destroy people or fight God in various ways like the original writers said.

L: Yes, the backstory is incorrect.

JT:  I understand. Sorry, I’ve jumped around on this a lot. So, what is your relationship with Samael?

L: It’s complicated. As I am the divine feminine. He is the divine masculine. So, we are both paired to be together. But also in opposition. There is a sort of a teeter-totter, trying to balance those things out.

JT: Does using blood and a ritual enhance the ritual, or is it just the belief that the blood is going to enhance the ritual help the ritual? 

L: Belief. but that doesn’t make it any less important than if it were you to…

JT: All right. That’s again, that metaphor becoming real. 

L: And I don’t think people give it as much credit for the, they don’t see it as real real because it’s not an inherent thing. It’s a created thing or a something that’s grown organically rather than blipped into being. They are absolutely equal and equally important.

JT: So I would suggest then probably sexual fluids worked just as well then?

L: Indeed and while not necessary, is something that I enjoy. The personal, it creates an intimacy. So yes, it doesn’t have any intrinsic power. It has power to the believer. And it’s is something, you know, most of us…The truly angelic beings. I don’t think they really get like enjoying things. They’re they understand the rest of us do, but they’re sort of like “things are things” and they don’t have a personal, you know, so gifts and things for them are harder, but everyone likes to be shown appreciation. But certainly, the purely emotional gratitude is more important to them, as you get lower down, and we become more and more human and have preferences. And so, we do appreciate when someone knows what we like and makes the effort. 

JT: So you sound like you really do enjoy the sexual fluid. 

L: I do. Yes. And that is a personal preference rather than a general rule with… 

JT: I understand. You are often associated with the owl and the serpent are there other animals and birds that you have a close connection with?

L: Corvids and Raptors in general.

JT: Any jays like blue jays or anything?

L: No, not particularly. They’re lovely and all. But the I don’t have the personal call connection, the ways that I do with raptors and serpents. 

JT: So I guess there’s a final question. There’s a common idea in religion that we’re to look at our deities and imitate what they do, what should those who are devoted to you and want to imitate you be doing?

L: If they’re in America. They should be fighting to get as many democratic votes out as possible. In general, women’s liberation, women’s freedom, women’s sexual freedoms are very important to me. Motherhood. It’s it’s one of the most difficult things you can experience on this earth, and many women don’t have support systems, work with domestic violence. Put real… take action in the world on my behalf support abortion rights, reproductive rights, domestic victims organizations.

JT: All right. Well, thank you very much Lilith. This has been truly an honor and you may go on peace. 

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