Interview with the Archangel Michael

Once again this interview was conducted by putting my wife into hypnosis and then summoning Michael. He then speaks through her. He uses her mind to communicate and is limited to what she has in her mind. He expresses himself through her and so uses her phrasing and her metaphors. He also has access to her memories and so knows what other spirits have told us.

May 25th, 2022

Jareth Tempest: I want to start by talking about the Trinity, is there a true Trinity with one God and three persons?

Michael: I assume by “person” you mean entities or beings…

JT: Personalities

M: Personalities. Yes, yes.

JT: So rather than asking the names I’m going to ask about function, I think that’ll be easier for us to communicate that way. Please tell me if I’m generally correct or not. One of the persons would be the ultimate divine that’s behind everything. Correct?

M: All three aspects… all three persons are aspects of the divine. The divine itself is not… It encompasses the trinity, it is the trinity, but the trinity is not all of it. Does that make sense?

JT: Yes. So, would one of the persons be the spirit of God that’s made manifest in creation and nature?

M: Yes.

JT: And would the other be the divine action that moves through creation as needed to empower and give voice to the divine through the various spirits and humans.

M: That is a good way to put it.

JT: And then I would assume that the third, or actually the first, would probably be the complete system of creation and destruction, the intelligence that governs everything?

M: Creation and destruction are individual parts. You have the active, the creation, the fire, the light, male in the common parlance. It’s not truly a gendered term, but the associations go back so long that you might as well divide the divine masculine and the divine feminine creation and entropy.

JT: Reason and intuition? Light and dark?

M: Yes, the duality, and then you have a third aspect which is less constrained. It is the part that flows freely into everything and is the spirit.

JT: All right, I understand. The hard part is just that it takes a minute to figure out exactly how to phrase these things. Okay, so I’m moving on to a different topic. It’s thought that at any given time there are multiple various possible futures. They get narrowed down by our choices. Is this true?

M: That’s a complicated question. But there’s a lot of truth there.

JT: It’s we’re obviously gonna be kind of a general or generalized, broad strokes kind of question. That’s kind of what we mainly doing here. Just trying to get the broad strokes of how things work. So then would using magick basically help to create one of those possibilities and make that one manifest, as opposed to leaving it up to chance? Is that one way you could look at things?

M: There is such a thing as random chance, but very few things actually happen out of pure random chance. It’s intersections of people’s destinies, possible futures, and what one person does not just another. Imagine a spider web, would you jiggle here that goes out and echos.

JT: And does working magic help make one possibility.

M: Yes, it can, it can absolutely nudge things that can be nudged. Some things are set in stones. Some things are fundamentally necessary. And one of the great tragedies is when an individual comes up against a situation that they want desperately and it is denied because it is one of these immutable things that is set up as a learning opportunity, and depending on the lesson that is learned, it can greatly uplift or inhibit.

JT: Thank you. So I am now moving to a different subject. The world has all of the systems. Humanity has built many systems that all interconnect such as government systems and the economy. Is there, a spiritual influence that has governed this, or is it something that we’ve done on our own?

M: Can you repeat the question?

JT: The human systems of government, economy, you know, capitalism. And then the way that our everything gets assimilated into the system, religions and everything ends up becoming part of the system.Just how the world operates in this fairly heartless way. And I’m just wondering if this system, is it something that we have created on our own or if there is a spiritual element? Is there a spirit that’s governing it? Are there several spirits governing this? O is this just the way it is and spirits work with it the way they work with everything else?

M: Give me a moment to think because that is…

JT: If it helps with getting into her head, there’s a TV show called American God’s, and there’s a Mr. World. And he is the embodiment of that system that tries to assimilate everything into it. So, is there a “Mr. World” of any kind?

M: Yes, and she was on the verge of a metaphor herself with me. Doesn’t matter. Yes. That is a good analogy. And yes, there are… Spirits aren’t just created out of life. You don’t just have nature spirits and human and animals spirits. Wherever you put your energy, a seed can be planted. And if that seed is tended in water diligently enough, over a long enough time, even it’s a concept like capitalism? Yes. Or just the status quo. There’s a zeitgeist, the word she was looking for, something similar. But yes, organization.

JT: Are there angelic forces that govern nations? Not, I don’t mean in the sense of they control everything that happens, just that influence.

M: There are several things. That all depends on how you view nation. Nations are lines on a map.

JT: All right, let me explain let me phrase it this way, in Enochian, in one of the Enochian calls, it talks about the powers, God and the angels, will lift up one nation over another in order to keep creating strife so that there’s enough suffering here on earth that we continue to learn and grow in a sense. And so I understand that logic. I’m just curious if there are actually those angelic powers that, that do have, that kind of control over parts of the earth and different people.

M: There are, there are several ways to go about it. Pinning down the individual regions and nations, as you said, who are a cohesive people anymore? Who are the…

JT: So there isn’t say an angelic governor of the United States of America?

M: The United States is a good example, is a strong enough, cohesive enough. It’s a world power and more ways than one. And as that was created, as the national power rose, and its identity was cemented, it became almost an icon for people to devote energy to and so yes there is absolutely. And is true for for all other regions, some more than others.

JT: So there were a lot of questions from other magicians, an overwhelming amount of all of the questions had to deal with climate change and the different things that are happening in the world. And as people begin to discover magic they begin to hope that there’s a way that they can help influence these events. Is there a way for magicians to help the world?

M: Think globally act locally.

JT: So, would empowering our local nature spirits, helping them to flourish and thrive, and if more people did that around the world that might help?

M: Yes, absolutely. The other thing is, and I think that Lilith mentioned something similar. but take physical action in the real world. Empower your mundane solutions with magick. Channel your energy into your…Find a cause of volunteer, get involved. If it’s something that you believe in passionately, take action in the real world but empower that action with your magic. Imagine your small piece of the contribution imbued with energy and then you can send more energy into it, and it will spread into the other pieces of the puzzle gaining more and more power, okay?

JT: That sounds like a good plan. Given that suffering is part of the reason that we are here on earth, when we ask you for protection isn’t that keeping us from learning anything?

M: So that will there are many ways to protect someone. It doesn’t always mean keeping them from harm entirely. Sometimes it is keeping that harm to a minimum and still have enough action that you learn a lesson without it being catastrophically wrong. And usually you… If there’s something you truly need to learn it’s very hard to convince a spirit to alter that. I mean it is possible. People can sabotage themselves, do things that are bad for them, set themselves back and their progress, but we really try to avoid that if at all possible but you can still grow without. I don’t know, not everything has to be some big important lesson, right? Often it’s fine. You can offer protection and you know, but sometimes if it doesn’t work it’s probably because there’s something important or because of one of those unchangable events. Yeah. Or because there are, you know, you go through a bad patch here but wind up in a much much better place than if you had just kind of trudged along and never had you just does that makes sense?

JT: Yes. So one last topic, are we headed like an apocalyptic event? is the apocalypse from the Bible real? Or are we just going to keep trudging long going up and down throughout you know, for another several thousand years?

M: It’s hard to save a certain, but I believe you’re species will be around for very very long time to come. There will be multiple apocalyptic events, right? The sea people might come at any time. The sea itself is is coming and there will be catastrophic results. Not sure it’s apocalyptic. Certainly catastrophic.

JT: Okay. Well, thank you very much. Michael.

M: For the record, that’s not set in stone. Just very likely. I mean sooner or later there will be some big meltdowns along the way whether this is one of them it’s hard to say how severe will be. There’s some things even we don’t know, so much is in flux. So many things in play. But it does seem like…

All right, well thank you Michael

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