Are Attunements Permanent? Can They Be Removed?

Attunements are permanent, yet they can be removed. Let me explain. What we typically mean when we say attunements are permanent is that they do not run out. You can use them all day every day and never run out. A lot of people have trouble believing something will never run out. Going back to the radio metaphor you are never going to run out of your favorite station. They will keep playing music. Your speed dial doesn’t have a limit on how many songs you listen to before you have to reprogram it. 

On the other hand, you can completely ignore an energy for years and it will still be there for you. It doesn’t go bad. Once the connection is made, it’s there for the rest of your life.

(People often ask if attunements are kept through reincarnation and I honestly don’t know. Some people say they are, some say they aren’t, and I really don’t think it’s that important of a question. I tend to think not, but again, I’m not sure.)

You can remove an attunement if you want. However, what you are doing is removing the lineage and any symbols or anything else the founder may have added. The energy is always here and around us. You’ve just deprogrammed the speed dial for it. 

For example, one person thought they made a spirit angry so they wanted to remove the attunement and cut the connection. But the spirit is still there. It always was even before the attunement. There’s no real connection being made regardless of how we talk about them. You are just untuning yourself from it. Again, like the radio station. You may not like it anymore, and took it off speed dial, but it is still out there and you can still dial into it from time to time.

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