Distance Attunements with Chi Balls

Attunements do not have to be given in person. They can be done over a distance, any distance. These energies transcend time and space in ways impossible to describe until you have experienced them. Typically what we call distance attunements are done at the same time. A time is scheduled between teacher and student and at that time the teacher sends the attunement and the student is ready to welcome and accept it. This is fine but can be difficult when trying to schedule with people all over the world. That’s where chi balls come in.

A chi ball is an invisible ball of energy that a teacher creates and an attunement is placed in and sent to the student. The chi ball protects the attunement and keeps it safe so that the student can accept and welcome the attunement whenever they want. The attunement will wait forever for the student and will always be there for them when they are ready to accept the attunement. 

The advantage here is obvious. The attunement can be sent over a distance and the student can accept it at any time. No scheduling is required. The energy is just as strong as an in-person attunement. 

Many people think that they need a person’s name and other personal information to send an attunement from a distance or through chi ball. This is not true. Mainly because we are not the ones actually doing the work. It’s our Higher Selves and our Holy Guardian Angels working with the spirit. They all know who everyone involved is. 

So there is nothing to worry about. Chi ball attunements are just as effective as in-person attunements and have the advantage of distance and not having to schedule a specific time. With your Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel, and the spirit involved there is nothing that can go wrong. It can’t go to the wrong person or be stolen. It won’t go bad or lose potency.

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