Frequently Asked Questions

Which spirit should I get?

The one you resonate with the best. The one that you feel a deep connection with is going to be better for you and give you better results than the one with the “right” powers. I cannot answer this question for you. Listen to your intuition and trust your instincts. 

Why do some attunements seem to come through more strongly than others?

Because you resonate with certain energies differently than others. It could be something very foreign to you, or it could be that the spirit is providing exactly what you need. The “feelings” people get are a form of communication from the spirit, and it is up to you to figure out what they mean. 

Can I get attunements with both angels and demons?

Yes, contrary to the common belief there is no conflict between angels and demons. I have attunements with them both and so do many other people and no one has had any problems.

Can you give me more information about the spirit?

No. I believe that you should do that research yourself. A spirit is more than just a list of powers and ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your energy. 

Do I need an altar to work with an attunement?

No. It can help you build a relationship with the spirit, but that is not required to get the energy to work.

Do I have to give offerings or thanks to the spirit?

No. Your attunement will work regardless of your relationship with the spirit. If you want to give offerings or thanks that is entirely up to you. Gratitude is a fantastic way to build up your relationship, which may improve the effectiveness, but is not necessary. 

Can I attune an object with multiple energies?

No, they override whatever energy was there before it.

What do I need to do while I wait for my chi balls?

All you need to do is download and read the manual.

Will I get anything in the mail?

No, chi balls are invisible balls of energy that are delivered to you instantly once I finish creating them. 

How long until you send my chi balls?

Every morning I make a list of attunements ordered the day before. I will then create and send the chi balls and notify you within three business days. Count the nights to get an accurate count. If you ordered on Monday then Tuesday is one business day, then Wednesday is two, and Thursday is the third business day and I will have it to you that day at the latest. Remember, weekends and holidays do not count as business days. 

Do you need my real name, date of birth, or a picture?

No. I send the person behind the order and the spirits know who that is. 

Can I order for someone else?

Yes, just write that you are ordering for someone and put their name in the “Notes” when you make your order.

How soon can I get another attunement?

I recommend getting one and then waiting to see how it affects you. Give it a week at least. If you are feeling ok you can get another one. Once you are familiar with getting them you can do them as fast as you feel comfortable with. Always pay attention to your body and listen to your intuition.

How many attunements can I get?

As many as you want. I have over 200 and am getting more all the time.

Is it possible to reject the energies? 

The energy obeys your intentions. If you intend to reject the energy then you will. 

Can someone else remove your attunements?

The energy obeys your intentions, so it can only be removed by someone else if you intend for them too.

If I remove an attunement do I have to buy it again if I want it back?

Yes. Once you accept an attunement the energy enters you and is gone and cannot be reused.

I saw someone else selling your attunements, is that ok?

Yes, people resell other people’s attunements all the time. It’s how they spread. Just don’t do it on the same platform as me (some people are grandfathered in so don’t immediately condemn someone on Etsy,) use the complete name, create me as founder, and keep the price pretty much the same. Just be ethical.

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