Side Effects and Physically Feeling the Energy

As I mentioned in another of these little articles, we all have energy systems that have their own “organs” that help them function. Connecting these are what I call energy channels. Like how your lungs are connected to your nose by your windpipe which allows air to pass back and forth, you have different channels that allow energy to move back and forth. They are like muscles and the more you use them the more they grow. 

 Most people do not use their energy systems enough to cause them to grow. This means that most people have narrow energy channels which allow them to only channel so much energy at any one time. For example, if someone with narrow energy channels goes to an energy healer, they may not process all of the healing energy at one time, but it will gradually enter their system over a few days. 

Attunements are large amounts of energy for most people and they always go down all at once. This exercises your energy system and causes the channels to widen. It is this widening of the energy channels that causes most people to be able to feel the attunement. It is also why they will feel it less and less with each attunement since you are widening your energy channels. So if you get several attunements and you aren’t feeling them like you used to, this is why. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s actually a sign that you are getting stronger spiritually if you don’t feel the attunements very strongly. 

Negative energy will build up in our energy system like plaque coating the walls of our energy channels. An attunement will knock some of that off, sending it back into your system. This will make you feel that negative emotion again. In the days after receiving an attunement you may be more irritable, depressed, or whatever negative feeling got cleaned off. It will only last a few days as your system flushes out the negative energy.

Forcing the energy channels to widen will also cause side effects like headaches, ringing in the ears, and fatigue. 

One of the reasons people enjoy attunements is because it is something that you can feel. I would say that 75% of people are able to feel an attunement. Some people just can’t. It requires some amount of clairsentience, the ability to feel spiritual things. Not everyone has this gift, so not everyone can feel it. Now some people have it, but they have repressed it, and working with the energy can bring it back. But many people just don’t have it. The good news is that they probably have another psychic sense and will experience the energy that way. It may be harder to notice, but if you work at it you’ll figure it out. There are very few people who have no psychic gifts. If you didn’t feel anything, it probably just means you are not clairsentient and just have to work a little harder to figure out the best way to work with the energy.

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