Interview with the Morrigan

This is a part of our continuing series of interviews that we conduct with various spirits. I put my wife into hypnosis and then summon the spirit and she acts as medium. The spirit speaks through her. It uses her mind and therefore her speech patterns and phrasing. However, the information comes from the spirit.

Jareth Tempest: Morrigan, Morrigan, Morrigan, Are you here Morrigan?

The Morrigan: We’re here.

JT: Thank you for being with us. We have some questions we would like to ask you. Is that okay?

M: It is indeed.

JT: All right. I would like to begin with something personal. Were you the three dark hooded figures [Ligeia’s mother] saw standing over Ligeia’s crib as a child?

M: We were.

JT: Why were you there?

M: To give her her birthright. To claim her as our own. To give her the strength to fight her battles. She had few allies. We did what we could because we knew she would be ours.

JT: Does she have any obligations or unfinished business with you?

M: She is exactly where she should be with us. She needed her lifetime to learn and grow. And now she is ready. Soon. She is still baking but almost done. And then we will move forward together.

JT: So you’re going to reveal your work with her later then? When she’s ready?

M: Our work is revealed, it just has yet to begin.

JT: So does she know what the work is?

M: I think we do know.

JT: Excellent.

JT: So as a psychopomp I have some…

M: She had asked earlier, you had discussed, “is she my priestess?”

JT: Yes.

M: And yes, I need her to know that.

JT: Do you need a moment with her?

M: Please.

JT: Take your time.

(Two minutes of silence.)

M: Thank you. We’re ready.

JT: Okay.

JT: Well, I’ll let you take a drink of water first.

(She takes a drink of water)

M: So, remarkable.

JT: What’s remarkable?

M: Water. Clean disease free, easily accessible to so many people, not everyone. But, the greatest single struggle of your species. Find enough food and water that won’t kill you.

JT: I know that you can foresee the fate and many of the hardships to come. Are we going to begin to have water problems again…

M: Desperately…

JT: … and in the future?

M: Almost certainly. There are options. There are inventions. There’s the potential to save everything. Potential has no profit. So, it’s more likely to get very bad than it is to get fixed.

JT: So we need a prophet to maybe rise up, a prophet to help save the world and keep it going in a good direction?

M: I’m not… that wasn’t precisely my point. I think my point was that there is, there is too much profit in doing what we are already doing.

JT: (Laughs) I understand, I’m sorry.

M: And to do the things that would fix the most, and help the most, would conflict with the current power structure and their profit.

JT: Yes, I agree. So we’re very interested in working with and healing the dead and the ancestors. And as a psychopomp, I wanted to ask you how soon can we start working with someone who has just died?

M: You can start the process, you can start praying for them. You can start offerings. You can… but I would wait to make direct contact. Things need time to settle.

JT: Would you say maybe 40 days is a good waiting period?

M: I like a year and a day.

JT: A year and a day. Ok.

M: But, that’s not a hard and fast rule.

JT: No, of course. I understand. How can we help them to move on and not linger?

M: The best way to convince anyone of anything is to present them with someone who has more power, knowledge, and influence. You want someone they will look up to, that they will respect.

There are… Many families have associated spirits or familiars or individuals to… There are guides. Many of the death gods, goddesses, or other ancestors. If you’ve worked with, if you have a personal spirit guide, I do find that…

If you’re speaking of healing the immediate, the recently dead, then I see that this is within a larger framework for you. So…

JT: Correct

M: In particular, who is a person of power.  Who is a node with the genealogy.

Who is a a node within the genealogy. Hmm.

JT: Kind of a shining beacon?

M: Yes. And someone, someone who’s, who’s… Their life was important. It was powerful, it had energy and magic of its own, they had a particular influence down their family line. Yes, as did the shining beacons. Those are the ones to look to. They will know what to say to a lingering spirit. They’re an expert.

They’ve, they’ve…

They will know because it’s very difficult.

Like you should never go to a therapist who’s a personal friend. There’s too much when you as a living person or trying to work with a recently deceased person who was to you. The recently not deceased and it it, there is…

So much baggage to overcome. It is a, it can be, a pointless and painful.

An ultimately pointless endeavor to try and…

Convince them to… Do you understand what I’m saying?

JT: Yes.

M: Pre-existing relationships, then that’s why it’s important to find. Someone of more authority. Who who will be able to help them?

JT: Okay.

JT: Is there anything else about the newly dead that we should do to heal them right away? Obviously, like our modern funeral system is more for the living than it is for the dead. Are there any rites that we should do?

M:  Is there? I mean, yes,  there are absolutely things that you… just remembrances, just pay your respects, think about them, listen to a favorite song. You are devoting your love and energy to them. Even if you’re not working with them directly, you are, you are, you are still engaged. The grieving process goes both ways. You are, you’re both grieving this loss and you’re grieving it together but apart you’ll never be able to share the grieving but know that it is that it is there.

And yes, the love. And that and you, you can leave offerings. If you have food, flowers, small things they would have liked. Gestures on their behalf. The things they talk about keeping a persons memory alive. That truly is important and, and…

I find that if you…

When going through a grieving process amd grieving, a recently deceased love one and, wanting to help them but the the time is not ready for the direct work. They’re still in an acceptance process and….

Whoever, whoever is your main point of contact or, or, or guide, or whoever you’re special spirit friend is, who you have a special relationship with and, they’re helping you with this, talk to them. Talk about the loved one, talk about the good things and the bad. Talk, talk about your relationship, share your grief with them, and they will share their love with you and lend you strength.

JT: Thank you. That’s very beautiful.

JT: So based on everything you’ve already said, could you help us to understand the most effective method to heal your bloodline ancestors?

JT: To find that shining beacon and, ask them to heal those that need it?

M: It’s a difficult question. I yes, I suppose to the generalized the best.

M: Um ideally, and you follow the ways of your people. For most of us, those ways are lost and…

M: Doing… If you can, if you have the opportunity and the ability to research, to gain knowledge into the, the burial and spiritual practices of your people.

M: Efforts. Even if they are incorrect, are appreciated as a sign of respect.

M: But yes, I think that, within that framework, you’re going to want…

M: Ideally, you start by forming a relationship with A death deity of your choice.

Whoever in the…

Whoever calls to you, whoever is your dead dude God.

M: And start a relationship with them and they will give you help and act as a protector and intercede from there.

M: Start…  Looking at your lineage and look for those bright spots. Look for the helpers.

M: There are, as I said there are, there are a lot of ways to do this.  She has the books that she read, that she recommends so highly and it truly does have some wonderful ideas. So, some of his things are iffy but mostly, a very good framework and the idea of finding that ancestor who did know the ways of your people.

M: I you you you…

JT: You go far enough back and you find somebody that remembers…

M:  Who is, sort of, the last link in a chain. That went back millennia. I mean, people humans have been caring for their dead and building a spiritual…

M: So many things happened. When humans began mourning and revering their dead when they began thinking about the afterlife, when they began creating Gods. when when…

M: In some senses, it was the creation of the supernatural. Of, of…

M: The human levels anyway. It’s confusing. Would you like me to try to?

JT:  Are you saying the humans created the spirits and the Gods or, we created each other?

M: In, in a lot of ways there… I’m…

M: There are as you call angels, some, some demons some, some are different, but the there are, there are….

Absolutely there are entities, who are eternal that, came long before long after human kind and that take an interest and an involvement, but they are separate, they are not…

M: They are outside the system. They can affect it, they can participate, but they are not organically within the system.

Deities, on the other hand, are. They are creations of humanity.

JT: Are you? Are they… Are many of them dead humans who have become Deified?

M:  Many of them are deified ancestors, but not all.

M: They also…

M: You have a great king, a great warlord, he does great deeds, wondrous things. He has a particularly good bard. Who knowsh how to spread the the stories of him and he is, he’s worshiped by his people, even after death, he has given the rights and the processions and the yearly celebrations, and he becomes more and as…

The devotions increase, as…

As his descendants thrive…

That story evolves and changes and, and give it 10,000 years and a variation of the myth, a variation of that God might be a thousand miles away and… Is not…

In some sense. we’re all related, we’re all  each other’s ancestors. So…

Related in some ways but take different forms. Become more distant from their original cultures things evolve, and…

Become their own thing.

JT: No, I understand.

JT: I have an odd question. Can you get a sense of what’s, in my mind? I’m not asking you to say what I’m thinking or anything just that, there’s a book that I’ve read and it had a procedure for starting a temple. Your own temple and, it talks about going to divinity and getting a direct line of contact.

And it warns that in doing that, you may become a deity. Is there, is that true? Is there a? Is that a possibility? It’s not something that she’s saying that you that way to do that is like this is how you become a god is just an accidental part of the process.

M:  side effect.

JT: when taking on that much power.

M: I won’t say it’s impossible. Less likely now, then it used to be.

JT: Okay.

M: But yes, that is occasionally how Gods are born.

JT:  And it would probably help if your temple survived and people would, you know, pay hommage to you.

M: That’s sort of yes,

JT:  yes, okay

M, yeah, yeah, it’s not much of a God. If it’s just you hanging out by your sacred spring, all by yourself and nobody comes to get your water.

And yeah, sad little God.

JT: So this basic outline we have. I think that answers most of the questions about working with the dead, we have some questions about reincarnation is that anything that, you know, enough about that you would feel comfortable and answering questions?

M: You can ask.

JT: Is it possible to reincarnate into the same bloodline? So that in a sense, you’re your own grandparent?

M:  it’s very common.

JT: Do people tend to reincarnate into the same bloodlines or regions, cultures, ethnicities?

M: More often than not.

JT: Is this is something that people choose to do, or is it something that just kind of happens?

M:  It’s a choice.

M: Most people aren’t comfortable going outside of their comfort zone even after death. And so, when they…

M: Move on again…

M: They generally stay with something similar. They’re a very adventurous types too. They seek out something drastically different.

M: And it generally happens more in older, more experienced souls.

JT: So when we die and we’re about to be reincarnated, do… it’s not. It’s merely a matter of being aware enough to be able to help determine where you go. Correct? It’s not an issue so much of your great magical power as it is just your awareness of yourself.

M: That you have a choice.


M: Yes.

JT: So as a warrior Goddess, and what can you help people with besides just actual combat?

M: There are so many forms of actual combat. You don’t have to use your fists or afflict physical injury to have a battle.

JT: So you can help people battle their inner monsters and addictions and shortcomings?

M:  The reason we came to her, we…

We knew she was ours.

M: She, she is, she is

M: She is death and rebirth. She is transformation and growth, she is…

M: She was ours and…

M: The life she had to face. She would need…

M: She would need to be a fighter. She would need to…

M: Be the one that no matter how many times you knock them down in the ring, they got back on their feet.

M: For most of us…

M: For most people, I should say. The world is, a hard cruel place. It is a battle every day to survive, it is…

M: Not a war of swords, it is not a war that can be won…

M: With violence.

M: But, one of the skills of a great warrior is, to never give up. No matter how tired, no matter how hurt.

M: You fight until your last breath.

M: You come home with your shield or, on it.

M: That quality is needed now more than ever.

M: That.

M: That strength to get up one more time.

M: There are also many ways to win battles and brute force is RARELY the best option.

M: So come to me for tactical solutions for, planning.

M: Business involves a great deal of conflict and being able to spot a weakness and go for the jugular in a metaphorical sense…

M: The skill sets aren’t that different, and people…

M: Human nature doesn’t change much.

JT: No, it doesn’t.

JT: So and finally, as sovereign over the land, can you help us to have a deeper connection with the land we live on? Even if we’re so far away from, you know, home. Home like Ireland,

JT: Or, should we work with our local spirits more for that?

M: Yes, that’s that’s that’s the thing because…

M: Yeah, I, I have little power to affect.

M:  I am, I am sovereign to my land and, for those, whether they are of my bloodline or not. Those who follow me out of,  like attracts like.

M: There are many things that I can show and teach them. There are many things I can do for them. But…

M: Some things are not my place or within my power.

JT:  That. I understand.

JT: So finally, as you represent the three stages of womanhood, I would like to request that you help my wife, as she makes her transition. It’s been hard on her, physically, mentally, emotionally and I’m sure spiritually and it’s caused her great suffering.

JT: Please bring her into balance, restore her health. Bring her peace, love and joy.

JT: Thank you. Great goddess.

M: To be honest. I’m… I’m…

JT: you’re not the…?

M:  I’m not so much the mother, maid and crone the lot of triple Goddesses are. I mean, I am, yes too, but…

JT: Then, I simply ask that you help her fight this battle.

M:  That I can do.

M: I won’t get into the pedantics of my, personal situation.

JT: Okay, well, thank you. Is there any final message that you would like to give people?

M: Gird your loins.

M: Fight is coming. I…

M: The chances that we will avoid…

M: An absolutely traumatic chapter of human history…

M: It’s so small.

JT: Is this is climate change that you’re speaking of?  And the effect that it’s gonna bring.

M: Yes, but…

M: Even if it weren’t climate change.

M: Civilization, civilization has gotten to one of those points where…

M: We either make the next big leap, and…

M: Figure out a society that, that…

JT: Is in harmony with each other in the world?

M: Yeah, the current system and it’s not just in America. This is a, a  worldwide problem of…

M: Well, inequality and resource hoarding. And…

JT: Yeah, it’s unsustainable.

M: It is unsustainable. And there have been tipping points in human history before.

M: And we are at another one, and… There are so many more people now.

M: There are so many more souls.

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