Jareth Tempest is an artist and magician. He lives in the DFW metroplex in Texas. His road to becoming a magician began in the most unlikely of places, prison. Sentenced to 10 years, he served his time in the brutal South Texas Terrel Unit. It was there, in that darkness, that his light began to shine. He spent his time reading as much as he could. He began to go to Mass and become Catholic.

A charismatic deacon once told him how to discover his guardian angels name, and so Jareth followed the directions and began his relationship with his guardian angel. Another volunteer saw something in him and drafted him to teach a class in mediation. Jareth didn’t know how to meditate, but with the books that the volunteer gave him and several months of practice he figured it out. He has tried to meditate everyday since then. The mediation readings led him to the Catholic mystics. He read about their visions and tried to imitate their actions while locked up. He began to live like a monk while still in the prison. He felt he was being called to be a priest even though the local priest pretty much told him that as a felon it would be impossible. The priest turned out to be right, but it didn’t deter Jareth. He kept learning and putting into practice the things he was reading. What he didn’t realize at the time was he was practicing a powerful form of magick. He was learning to gain control over his shadow self. By the time he finished his sentence his shadow was as bound as tightly as any living persons could be.

The time immediately after his release was truly a time of chaos. He met a woman and got married. The settled down. But things were not going to be easy. One thing after another happened. Eventually the couple learned to live in the chaos rather than fight it. This is another skill that would eventually serve him well.

Several synchonicities came together and Jareth discovered and began to practice Chaos Magick. He read everything he could find about magick after that. The main thing he took away from Chaos was a spirit of experimentation. He began tweaking different rituals and coming up with his own versions of others. Eventually he starting working with angels, many of whom he already had a relationship with as a Catholic mystic.

He also began to look into the Holy Guardian Angel. After much reading he eventually realized that the angel he had been talking to all those years was his Holy Guardian Angel. Since that realization his angel has opened his eyes to so much more. His angel put him into contact with many other powerful spirits. They began to open his mind beyond what the Church teaches. He found new ways to contact demons as well as angels.

Now it is time that he begins sharing his discoveries with the world. He has published two books on the topic of pathworking. He has multiple other projects in the works, including more books, courses, and YouTube videos.