Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to learn more about my attunements, empowerments, and initiations. Working with energy isn’t difficult, but can be confusing at first especially if you are used to working with spirits in other ways. It doesn’t help that there is no one tradition with a set lingo and my work is especially different from most of what you will find in other places. So I have put together a series of posts that can help you understand energy work and hopefully answer most of your questions. Just click the link to read the article. To begin shopping for attunements click here!

What is Energy Work?

What are Attunements, Initiations, and Empowerments?

Distance Attunements with Chi Balls

Are Attunements Permanent? Can They Be Removed?

Side Effects and Physically Feeling the Energy

What is the 151 Current?

Frequently Asked Questions