Why You Can’t Smudge

I got into a bit of a debate on Facebook about a post someone shared in a group about smudging. The post rightly declared that smudging is a traditional Native American practice, however what they were describing in the post was not smudging and had nothing to do with Native American traditions. My immediate response … Continue reading Why You Can’t Smudge

My Book is Out!

My new book Raziel's Paths of Power Volume I: 72 Angels of the Name is out now exclusively on Amazon. Click here to get it in paperback or here to get it on Kindle. This visionary magick will allow you to improve your business, get a promotion, and become wealthy. It can attract true love … Continue reading My Book is Out!

Finding your Holy Guardian Angel’s Name

This is part II of my series on the Holy Guardian Angel, click here for part I The first step towards reaching communion with your Holy Guardian Angel is to find out it's name. I want to say right from the beginning that this is not the true name of your angel, but rather a … Continue reading Finding your Holy Guardian Angel’s Name

Create Your Own Linking Sigil

How would you like to be able to pull the magickal energy from one site and use it in a ritual someplace else? For example, you are traveling and you want to tap into the energy that you have back home. Wouldn't that be cool? Or how about setting up an entire network of sites … Continue reading Create Your Own Linking Sigil