The method that I use to contact spirits of all kinds is called pathworking. There are many different versions of this, but I favor a method made popular by Theodore Rose in his book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. The method is simple, you just visualize a series of images in sequence and then call on the spirit. You do need to be able to use your imagination, though you don’t need to be highly skilled at visualization.

I receive my pathworkings from the archangel Raziel. She has revealed several to me, such as the ones in my book Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume I: 72 Angels of the Name. But I also have pathworkings for all the Archangels and Olympic Spirits, as well as several others. The next book will be on the 72 Goetic Demons so I have several of theirs, with more being added every week. I also have pathworkings for Clauneck and Mammon, two demons known for their ability to bring wealth. All of these can be found on my Patreon.

However, I don’t want you to spend money on something before you try it out. So I have included here the pathworking ritual, Raziel’s pathworking, and several others. These spirits are fairly popular and any of the abilities or powers that you have for them from other books or grimoires will work since they are the same spirit.

I will be adding to the list periodically, so be sure to check back to see what I’ve included. Again, if you want access to more, please join my Patreon.

The Pathworking Ritual

Archangel Raziel

Inside a dark cave.
A waterfall outside the exit of the cave in the distance.
At the exit, the sun shines through the waterfall creating rainbows.
Walking through a sun filled pine forest.

Raziel is your guide. You will always begin one of my pathworking rituals with Raziel unless I say otherwise. 

You can also work with Raziel on her own. Raziel means, “Secrets of God.” She helps you find needed answers, and is gifted with insight and wisdom. She can open your mind, freeing you beyond the limits you’ve set for yourself such as old patterns and restrictions. She can open you to divine providence and reveal the mysteries of the universe. She can help you improve your magickal abilities as well as your psychic gifts. 

Archangel Metatron

A white marble statue of an emperor.
The head suddenly falls off.
The marble head shatters on the ground.
A golden orb of light emerges.

Archangel Uriel

Walking through a sacred forest.
A circle of standing stones.
At the center of the circle of standing stones a blue fire.

Olympic Spirit of the Sun Och

Dark cave.
Bright light from the end of the tunnel.
Veins of gold shimmer from the cave walls.
The brilliant sun bathes you completely in its light.
Float up to the sun.

Olympic Spirit of the Moon Phul

The moon hangs heavy and low.
A dark forest at night.
A woman dances in the forest in a luminous white dress (the dress glows white.)

Shem Angel Yeliel

A green forest
Two trees wrapped around each other like lovers
A shower of white petals
A red rose laying in green grass

Shem Angel Asaliah

An old forest
A log covered in lichens
Under the log is a beautiful purple flower

Shem Angel Vehuahel

A pleasant day at the edge of a forest
A tree stump
A red and black snake slithers away from you
Tiny ants marching

Shem Angel Poiel

A waterfall
A green leaf floating down a creek
A tree with leaves in all the colours of autumn
Colored leaves falling like rain

Shem Angel Eyael

A large white swan lands in water
The swan swims around a fountain spraying water
A squirrel runs across the grass and up a tree
Leaves fall into the ground

Shem Angel Mumiel

Waves crash on a rocky beach
Small birds run around on the beach looking for food
There’s a storm off in the distance over the sea
In the distance you see a waterspout (a tornado over the ocean)

Angel Kevashiel


A storm batters a forest.
An old dead tree breaks in the wind.
A young sapling whips back and forth in the wind, but doesn’t break.

Helps magicians overcome lust for results.
Helps break obsessions.
Grants inner peace when you are feeling desperate.

Goetic Demon Bime

Thick fog
Fog clears to reveal a grey wasteland
A three headed serpent hisses

Goetic Demon Haagenti

Ancient pottery on a table
Flour in a ceramic dish
Fresh baked bread

Goetic Demon Paimon

Sand dunes at sunset
The wind blows away sand to reveal a crown
A large ruby in the crown catches the light of the setting sun

Goetic Demon Furcas

An ancient battlefield
A riderless horse
A golden spear laying in the dirt

Goetic Demon Agares

A salt marsh.
A white crane walks through the swampy water.
The crane flies away.
A crocodile surfaces, it’s tail long and scaly.

Goetic Demon Buer

Waves crash against a rocky beach.
The carcass of a large animal washes into the rocks.
Seagulls gather to feed on the carcass.