I want to introduce you to my Shadows. Shadows are servitors that I created. Modern magick users have a wealth of grimoires and spirit lists to work with. However, there are still areas of life, especially modern life, that these spirits don’t cover. Plus, not everyone is comfortable calling on angels or demons for every little thing. So that’s where the Shadows come in. They are there to fill in the gaps other spirits leave.

What are the Shadows?
Shadows are servitors that I have created and released for others to use. Each is created with a unique purpose and with specific powers.

What are servitors?
Servitors are spirits that are created by a magician. They are thought given form. As such they can look however the creator wishes and have whatever powers their creator wants. They are usually created for a specific purpose.

Shadows sound dark, are they evil?
No. I believe magick works best when there is a sense of mystery. What’s more mysterious than shadows? Plus since I am creating artwork for each Shadow I had to go with something that reflects my style and as an old goth, I went with Shadows. Just because they are associated with darkness doesn’t mean they are evil.

Are they safe?
First off, no magick is “safe.” Magick always creates change which can have effects you can’t predict. (So does anything else you do.) That being said, I have put every conceivable safety feature into these Shadows. Their true names are not released to anyone, so they cannot be changed by any random person. They have banishing words that will cause them to leave you alone forever should you desire it. They are tied to physical crystal skulls that I possess and should I need to destroy them, I can.

What do they feed on?
They are fed by users attention, gratitude, and whatever offerings you give them. They are also fed by the Shadow Current.

What is the Shadow Current?
The Shadow Current is what I am calling the energy stream that I created to power these servitors. I used this technique to create it.

So they aren’t parasitic?
No, they do not feed off of their users. They are fed by the current and by your gratitude, attention, and offerings.

How do you use them?
You call their name three times and use the command word, “Drahvok” (DRAW-vok) and then tell them what you want them to do. Each has their own unique name, sigil, and pathworking. You may use any or all of these to contact them. You can create your own ritual as well as long as it includes the name and command word.

Are they free?
Some will be, but most will not be. I will post the free ones here on my webpage as well as share with some groups etc. Most of them will be Patreon Exclusive and have their own tier on my Patreon. This is not currently available because I have not created enough of them to justify charging people money, but it is coming soon.

Here are the Shadows!

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More coming soon!