Sigils of Dancing Light

These sigils came from the Archangel Raziel. I had been drawn to Raziel because I thought she could enhance my magick and my psychic abilities. As I worked with her, I began to realise she could do much more than that. She could open my mind, free it from the confines that society and my own self had placed on it.

One day she came to me even though I didn’t perform any ritual. I stopped what I was doing and listened. She said she had several sigils she wanted to share with me. All I had to do was make an offering. I agreed. In my excitement I forgot about the offering! So later when I thought I was ready I called on Raziel who quickly shut the ritual down and showed me the offering again. So I took my time and made the offering to the best of my ability. She was pleased.

I was excited. I was going to receive sigils from Raziel! I could put them in a book and make some money! That’s when my Holy Guardian Angel stepped in. She told me that I wasn’t ready for the sigils. She would be keeping them from me until I was ready.

That was a year ago. A lot has happened, and I grew a lot. I suppose the time was right because the sigils have been flowing. I also discovered new ways to bring them to life and share them so that greed doesn’t get in the way. These sigils will be free. This is an ongoing project. I will be adding more sigils as they are ready.

Because of the way they are animated, I’m calling them the Sigils of Dancing Light.

The way they work is simple. Each sigil has an intent, a purpose, a power if you will. Start by thinking about that power. Then imagine how it feels to not have that in your life. Focus on the lack. Once you feel it then really begin to gaze at the sigil. Just take the image in. The way they are designed should make it difficult to get this part wrong. As you gaze at the sigil, let go of the feeling of desire and lack and begin to shift your feelings towards gratitude. Feel grateful as though you have already received what the sigil is offering. And that’s it, you’re done. Go do something else and forget you did any magick.

To summarize: 1. Feel your lack. 2. Gaze at the sigil. 3. Transform your feelings from lack to gratitude.

One small note. These are not one and done type sigils. Raziel has stressed that, “these are sigils you must build a relationship with.” Those are her words. I can’t tell you how to do that. You may want to work with one for a few days in a row, or you may do it once a week or once a month. Let your intuition guide you.

The Sigils of Dancing Light
(The power is listed below the sigil)

I Am Comfortable in My Own Skin
I Transcend my Fears and Limitations
Freedom from the Judgements of Yourself
I Am Free from the Judgements of Others
I Am Full of Energy and Enthusiasm
Everything I Need Will Come to Me