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“Although the ritual was a success and ultimately turned out well, it left me rattled. I realized just how powerful these angels are and what they were capable of. They could really do anything. They have the power to change the way you think, alter time, and remake reality. They really were omnipotent. This was real magick.” – Jareth Tempest Angels of Omnipotence

The mysterious Angels of Omnipotence have become infamous after making brief scattered appearances in a few grimoires. Whispered about in occult Facebook groups, internet forums, and blog posts these enigmatic angels have captured our imaginations with their provocative name and the stories about how they have turned people’s lives upside down and made them rich. But making people wealthy is just the beginning of their story.

Jareth Tempest spent the last two years building an intimate relationship with these mysterious beings. Now, in this book, he is pulling back the veil of mystery and revealing these wondrous angels in their full magnificence. Making money is just the start of what these angels are capable of. Sharpen your mind in every way and grow in wisdom with Elubatel. Help with healing of all kinds with Ebuhuel. Rest in peace and calm with Atuesuel. Find true inner joy while also becoming more beautiful with Tabatlu. Reshape your life using pure willpower with Bualu. Attract love or manipulate emotions with Tulatu. Open yourself to prosperity and manifest ever-increasing abundance with Labusi. Unlock your psychic gifts and gain sight beyond sight with Ublisi. And finally, radically transform yourself and your personality with Uiazel.

This is a work like none other. A concrete form of practice with a unique, simple, easy-to-use system for working with these nine angels. This book contains well over a hundred sigils, each with powers that can be used on yourself, for others, or be inverted and used to curse your enemies. These sigils are created using a series of glyphs revealed by the angels themselves. Each one taps into a different aspect of creation. He explains the meanings of the individual glyphs and how you can use them to easily construct sigils of your own. The potential is limited only by your imagination. The book concludes with simple pathworkings for each of the nine angels so that you can experience intense personal visions with them yourself.

The power of omnipotence is in this book. The keys to dramatic change are found within its pages. Are you ready to become all-powerful?

My second book Archangel Pathworkings: Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume II can be found exclusively on Amazon. Click here to get it in paperback or here to get it on Kindle.

Take control of your life with the awesome powers of the Archangels. These amazing beings can help you shape your life into what you’ve always dreamed it could be. With their help you can build your business, attract wealth, find love, strengthen your marriage, find your lost passion, protect yourself and your loved ones, have better sex, find healing, break old habits, become more disciplined, overcome crippling procrastination, and manifest your dreams. This book teaches you a simple ritual that requires no ceremony, no expensive tools, no special timing, and no hard to pronounce words of power. If you have the power to daydream or fantasize you have the power to call on these magnificent beings. What’s more is that with
pathworking you are able to get to know these wonderful spirits and build real lasting relationships that will continually enrich your life. Along with the archangels, this book also has pathworkings for the Angels of the 42 Letter Name. These angels are legendary for their powers of inner transformation. Many of these have been vital to me becoming a better magician. They can remove your lust for results, improve your imagination and ability to visualize, as well as increase
your inner strength, boost your confidence, and so much more.

While this book is a sequel, you do not need the first book, as I cover everything as though you were a beginner here in this one as well.

So come join Raziel as this amazing archangel guides us to power and wonder.

My first book Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume I: 72 Angels of the Name can be found exclusively on Amazon. Click here to get it in paperback or here to get it on Kindle.

This visionary magick will allow you to improve your business, get a promotion, and become wealthy. It can attract true love or just help you find more sexual partners. You can protect yourself and your loved ones, and crush your enemies. You can increase your natural psychic abilities and your magickal powers. You can grow wise, and find your true place in the world. Anything you can imagine can be achieved.This book has pathworkings for the archangel Raziel and for each of the 72 Angels of the Name. I’ve included over 300 powers that through interpretation can be used in hundreds of ways and will absolutely transform your life.

There are already so many books about the 72 Angels, why do you need another? Because this is a new method for connecting with them. This magick is quick and easy and only needs to be performed one time for results. There is no need for complicated rituals. No swords, chalices, or fancy robes. You don’t even need candles or incense, just the power of your mind. Your imagination is the only tool you will need. If you can daydream you can perform these pathworkings.This is no flakey New Age book. Visionary magick is the unwritten key to unlocking much of the ancient magick. Through my work with Raziel, I have perfected a quick and easy method to gain access to some of the most powerful entities in the cosmos. And it’s all right here in this book. All you have to do is picture a series of images. That’s it. It’s almost too easy.

I’ve included an optional opening ritual and advanced method of making your request. I talk about offerings, as well as advise on how to best use the magick. Raziel will be your guide. Raziel is the key. Through this magick you will work with this powerful archangel time after time. Raziel holds all the secrets of the universe and can open your mind to the true wonders of magick. Join this amazing archangel and let Raziel guide you down the paths of power.