Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is an ancient and amazing way to heal from trauma. Basically what happens is that when something traumatic happens to you, a piece of you gets broken off. This piece stays in that moment of time so that the rest of you can escape and survive. It’s sort of like a lizard breaking off it’s tail to escape a predator. The soul fragment that stays behind lives in that moment, playing it like a loop. And while you may have been able to survive that moment, you are no longer whole. A piece of you is missing. So with Soul Retrieval we return to that trauma and rescue the part of you that is stuck in that moment and reintegrate it into you.

Trauma is all to common. Don’t think you have to be a combat veteran to experience severe trauma. It has nothing to do with how strong you are or how brave. We’ve all be traumatized to some degree. Perhaps it was from abuse or a horrible accident. Maybe it’s from being in a stressful environment for too long. It could be something as simple as a loved one thoughtlessly snapping at you when you weren’t expecting it. Untreated trauma is the leading cause of all kinds of addiction. It can be the root of any number of mental illnesses, self sabotaging behaviors, or insecurities. Even more insidiously our minds can project our mental/emotional/spiritual damage into our bodies creating physical disease or pain.

Soul loss itself can have horrible repercussions. If too many fragments have broken off or if the piece was especially big, metaphorically speaking, then our inner power can be greatly weakened. This will effect us in many ways. It makes us more vulnerable to physical diseases and less able to cope with emotional distress. It weakens our ability to protect ourselves spiritually and can also weaken our magical ability. I once had a powerful, dark, chthonic entity laugh at me when I approached it asking who was I to speak to them when my soul was shattered across time. I had to go back and reclaim my power.

There are several ways to look at what is happening. You can think of it as your soul, but if that concept doesn’t work for you there are other words you can use. Native Americans would call it their medicine or their power. Alchemists say you must reclaim your energy. It’s just something integral to you, a piece of you, that is left behind in a moment of pain.

How do we go back and reclaim our soul fragments? How does one do Soul Retrieval? There are many different ways. You can go to a professional and ask them to do it for you. But not all of us have access to someone with the knowledge or gifts needed to do this type of work. If you are reading my blog I will assume that you are a magician of some sorts. So I will tell you how you can do it yourself. This method is done in vision. It’s what is often called Shamanic Journeying. But it’s basically just using your imagination. You create a metaphor and move through it performing different actions. All it requires is being able to use your imagination and keeping your mind focused on the task for a few minutes.

You will want to get into a comfortable position in a location where you won’t be disturbed. Give yourself half an hour or so. You might want to play some shamanic drumming or perhaps use binaural beats to help you get into a slightly altered state of consciousness. You don’t need to go into a full trance or anything, just a slightly altered state of consciousness is fine. It’s ok if you need to open your eyes every so often to look at the instructions. If your mind wonders, just bring it back once your realize you’ve lost focus. I will make the descriptions simple and clear without a lot of description. Let your own imagination fill in the details. Nothing is wrong. The setting is just window dressing, so please don’t worry about how things appear. If you just get a vague idea of something it’s enough.

Begin by taking several deep breaths.

Imagine you are going down into the earth, down a hole or following the roots of a tree. 

You come to a meadow in twilight.

On a hill in the distance you see a gazebo. You know that inside that gazebo is your spirit guide along with any other spiritual guardians, ancestors, animal companions you may work with. 

You hike up the hill to the gazebo.

You look inside and see your spirit team.

Ask them to guide you to your Soul Labyrinth.

Follow them.

At the entrance you will meet your Gate Keeper. 

They will cleanse you before entering.

They open the gate for you.

Ask your guide to lead you to the Chamber of Horrors.

Before entering, trust that you are going to see a traumatic event from your life. That you will recognize it and remember it.

Enter the Chamber of Horrors.

You will witness a traumatic event from your life. It may not be what you expect. Watch it play out. Feel free to talk to anyone involved. But don’t touch anything. Don’t take anything with you. 

When you are ready to leave, bow and then back out of the Chamber. Do not turn your back. 

Now ask your guide to take you to the Chamber of Contracts.

Follow the winding path through your Soul Labyrinth until you come to the Chamber of Contracts.

Inside you will find your Scribe. They wrote the contracts that allowed you to escape trauma and leave a piece of you behind.

Order your Scribe to rewrite the contract for the event you witnessed in the Chamber of Horrors. Rewrite it so that you are not wounded. That the event left no lasting effect on you. That you remained whole and left nothing behind. 

Watch as your Scribe rewrites your story.

Check that they have done as you ask then sign the document.

Thank the Scribe, bow humbly, and back out of the chamber.

Ask your guides to now lead you to the Chamber of Light. 

Enter the Chamber of Light. 

Within you will find the soul fragment that was left behind from the event you witnessed in the Chamber of Horrors. 

Ask your lost fragment if they want to return. They hand you an item and fade from sight. They are the item you now hold in your hands.

Bow to the light. Then back out of the room. 

Now ask your guide to take you to the Chamber of Treasures.

Follow the labyrinthian path to the entrance of the Chamber of Treasures and enter.

Inside you will see another item. It is an item of power that will do something amazing for you. It may help heal you, or it may awaken a new gift within you, or open a door for something wonderful to come to you. Only time will tell.

Take the item regardless of what it appears to be.

Now ask to be taken to the Chamber of Healing. 

Enter the Chamber.

Have your spirit team stand in front of you. Hold out the soul fragment and item of power and ask them to integrate them into your being.

They blow on them with their sacred breath and they blow them into your soul. 

Now breathe deeply seven times for each chakra. Imagine the items flowing into each chakra as you deeply inhale and exhale seven times starting with your base chakra. Then repeat for your sacral chakra. Then seven times for each remaining chakra.

Bow and back out of the Chamber. 

Return to the entrance to your soul. Thank the Gatekeeper. Bow and thank the Chambers of your soul. 

Return to the meadow. Thank your guides.

Come back through the hole in the earth to our world.

Return to your room.

Return to your body.

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